Thank you Vega for the information. I will visit the site and I expect I will have some questions.

Yes, there are a great many people who think that Revelations has come to pass. However, the new fear is that Christ has returned, he’s not telling us and he’s very angry. I am not familiar with the Fatima Prophesies but I am aware of the term. I was not sent here to change anything. Since it would not affect my home anyway, it would be rather pointless. I am here because of my family and the interaction I had with them in 1975. I understand the question about the Antichrist but I must admit I hadn’t given it much thought. My initial reaction is to consider how the Antichrist would affect my life if I could identify him/her. If your life became a sort of “Hell” anyway, would it matter if the Antichrist was real?

I became aware of this bulletin board through my various archiving work through the web. We do enjoy “talk programs” but they are distributed over the web. I don’t have additional information about UFOs and I find the subject quite interesting myself. I have often wondered if they aren’t time travelers with very sophisticated machines. Based on what I know about the nature of time I find this difficult to believe but nothing is impossible.

Yes, handmade items and the skills to make them are quite prevalent and people take a great deal of pride in their work. People with the skills to make clothing, work with leather and wood or cultivate a garden have become quite valuable. Please do not think your questions are unimportant. I enjoy the conversation.

Fiji? I’ve noticed that when most Americans think about Canada in this time, they think about pine trees, chooks and back-bacon. It may interest you to know that most Canadians in 2036 are some of the most efficient, ruthless and dangerous people I know. God help Quebec.

Within limits, I’m confident my anonymity is secure. The various email and web accounts I have do not have a big sign that says “Time Machine This Way –à”. In order to be at risk I would have to be believed. In my experience, evil may be powerful, but they aren’t very bright.

((you couldn’t even answer the simple question of what will be the next ‘movement’ in music? just something so simple as that))

Unfortunately, your question is rather difficult for me. Any personal experience I might have with your worldline at a specific moment is limited to my viewpoint and age. I can’t tell you what music is popular in the next few years because the “me” here is only three years old. In addition, how does someone decide what the most popular music trend is? It would seem rather subjective to me. Thinking about it now I sort of wonder what it would be like to be a teenager now and know the answer to that question. When I was thirteen I used to worry about which shotgun slug would take a door handle off and whether or not I had any dry socks. Current fallout estimates are accurate but a bit exaggerated.

Your example of what people would do based on something I might say is accurate. However, my concern would be the potential actions of a single person, not the masses. In 1963, if I suggested that someone should watch the book depository windows as the President went by, the actions of a single person might have a huge impact on history. You also asked if I’ve visited my “past” family. That’s where I am now.

((1) Once a micro-singularity is produced and placed in statis in a magnetic field, what is the approximate strength of that magnetic field.

2) How is the magnetic field produced (I mean – what power source holds the field in place)?

3) What would happen to the microsignularity if that source FAILED? For instance would the microsingularity begin to grow? Or would it cease to exist?))

These are excellent questions that I probably won’t answer to your satisfaction but let me make a couple of points first. Although I am familiar with the general manufacture of the unit, I am not a physicist or a scientist. My background is in history and I had the correct profile to accomplish my given task in 1975. I doubt that most jet fighter pilots are aeronautical engineers and I’ll bet most of you couldn’t give me the formula for horsepower, yet you drive a car every day.

The second point I can illustrate with an interesting story. In the opening phases of WWI, one of the largest problems early fighter pilots had was how to shoot a machine gun through the propeller blades without chopping it to bits. The problem was very straightforward. When the engine was off, the blades took up only a small percentage of the total arch but with the engine on, there was seemingly no way to know when it was safe to shoot through them. This problem lasted for quite a while until a very smart person came up with a very simple solution. By using a small lobed cam on the propeller shaft that controlled a switch on the machine gun, it was possible to stop the gun from firing only when the cam turned off the switch at the point a bullet might hit the blade. It was so simple in fact, the other side only caught on to the idea after one of the planes crashed and they were able to take it apart.

My point is; seemingly very complicated problems often have very simple and ingenious solutions using technology that is already available. The distortion unit is not magic and no alien technology was required to make it work. If you could see it, the “smarts” that went into designing it will amaze you more than the technology. Heck, the really interesting technology is in the computer.

The magnetic field does not require the fantastic energies you might imagine. The field is “created” and captures the singularity inside a very large and powerful specially designed particle accelerator. If the magnetic system failed (which has numerous backups including a system that would remove it from this worldline), the singularity would evaporate. Although it is smaller than an electron, it would still be quite undesirable.

((why do you keep telling us about the ww3..etc.. how do you know that will even -happen- in our worldline? it may have already been nipped in the bud for all you know..because ours is a different -worldline- from yours!))

Yes, you are correct! However, I am not confident things are different enough for you to avoid the conflict. You may also consider the possibility that a world with no war is far less desirable in the long run. In response to your other point, your assumptions about causality are correct but my personal morality still comes into play. I won’t deviate from my three rules because of the way I would feel about myself.

The singularities do not create Tipler cylinders they create the same physical environment without all the mass. The same math works for both. There are two singularities. Their mass and spin is altered in order to adjust the size of the ergosphere and cause the event horizons to interact and create the gravity sinusoid. I have a basic home schooling education (k-12) and a bachelor’s degree in history.

I will get to the remaining questions soon.