I almost made it to bed…
I’m flattered you went back and double checked.

((3. John wants to remain anon but posts numerous posts to this board and at least 2 others where he expounds on, among other things, the functioning and design of the TT machine. OK, here is the BIG problem. Why would a TT’er reveal himself & the TT machine? In John’s stated mission, these actions have no purpose.))

I still fail to see why this is a problem. If you can think of another way where I can interact with people I would very much like to hear your suggestions. Why isn’t the mere act of speaking with other people an end in itself? Personally, I find the unit interesting and I like talking about it. There must be something in your life like that.

((4. John alludes to a civil war being started between the Democrats and Republicans. Later, this escalates into WW3 and he mentions that it is a “good” thing for our soceity. ( 3 billion people dead a “good” thing?))

I don’t believe I ever said the war was between Democrats and Republicans. If I am incorrect, please point that out. It doesn’t exactly escalate as much as it opens the door for other aggression. Yes, I think the war would be good for society and I would be happy to debate that with you.

((5. John tells us to: buy a gun, find 5 friends, get a bicycle, yada, yada, yada. ( this conflicts with his above comments: here he seems to want to save some people, while above he wants to kill us all off))

If you could point out how this violates the three guidelines I stated earlier I will give it considerable thought. Perhaps you are correct and that was a mistake. Again, I don’t believe I said I want to kill you. Personally, I think murder is wrong. You seem to be pretty good at that yourself.

((6. In previous posts John mentions that he has no idea what GINGER is but in a later post he mentions media hype and alludes to IT not amounting to much.))

Again, I don’t believe I said that either. My point in that conversation was about feeling manipulated by hype. Since they ARE asking you to buy something, I would be very interested in your lengthy and critical postings about ITS credibility. If you could post that link I would very much like to see it.

((7. John mentions the Big War(2015) was between the Cities of America (the enemy of John) and Russia, China, etc.(so not only do we have a civil war but now we have a war between the city folk and rural folk in the US, AND a world war))

Hmmm…are you familiar with the Russian partisan movement in WWII?

((8. John says the civil war which starts in 2004 or 2005 (depending on the post) leads to the world war which starts in 2015. ( So we have a TEN YEAR civil war???))

It’s 2004. I apologize for a missed key (very observant – we all need good critics). Perhaps our definition of war is different. I would define it as a conflict where organized groups engage in maneuver and armed conflict. The first U.S. civil war lasted 4 years and the English civil war lasted 6. How long is too long?

((9. John mentions that the mechanical typewriter is a major machine again in the future, but in another post says the Internet still exists and is widely used.
( Who builds typewriters anymore and who last used the typewriter in a most infamous way? Hint: he lived in a one room cabin in Montana and hated technology and soceity))

Actually, what I said was, “…you may be surprised at how many people use typewriters.” I don’t understand the conflict. What’s wrong with typewriters? At least you don’t have to plug them in.

Thanks for the patience…getting to the other questions.