First off, the clown who called everyone “sheep” here is out of line. Go BACK and read my posts, CAREFULLY. No one here is a sheep. We are interested in what the guy had to say, because he made several points, some of them very sound, scientifically.

I really detest people like you who go around and make rash assuptions about “everyone on this list” or another list. You’re the same kind of jerk that goes around and tells the media that “all militia members are a bad”, or “guns are a bad thing”. The same kind of person that wants people like “Social Services” to pidgeonhole everyone. Instead of insulting the intelligence of the people who are here trying to use deductive reasoning to ascertain the truth about someone’s means, motive and methods, why don’t you go back to your little world and leave the rest of us alone who are trying to find out the truth about someone!? Absolute, denial of any possibilities is your bag. Go deny Big Foot exists, or go deny that the military has an Area 51.

Mr. Titor, no, you didn’t answer my questions at all regarding singularities (except that they would ‘evaporate’, or the device would ‘remove itself from the time line’).

In fact, regardless of your background you should have a basic understanding of physics. I’m absoultely CERTAIN that if you’re a pilot of an aircraft you ARE an engineer to an extent in that you understand BASIC PHYSICS of how your aircraft flies.

If you’re a race car driver, evidence points to the fact that even THEY have a very good understanding of their cars, engines and the physics thereof.

I know for instance that my Jeep is capable of about 198 horsepower. I know that it uses fuel injection. I’m not a mechanic, but I can certainly tell you a great deal about how an internal combustion engine works. I can tell you how a bicycle functions (because I used to ride them). I can tell you a good deal about physiology as well – the human body, BECAUSE I HAVE TO KNOW!

By the way, I don’t remember the “horsepower forumla” off HAND, but I can tell you 1 hp = 746 watts. I am an engineer – and I can tell you this much more, if you’re a real time traveler from 2036 and time travel is as easy (and as often) as you say it is, and you’re in the military or some government service, then by 1) exposing yourself, you’ve very likely broken several regulations, 2) Put yourself at risk by doing so, 3) should know a hell of a lot more about the machines you’re operating, 4) are inconsistent in several aspects of your posts.

In other words John – you’re an apparent fraud. That’s too bad, too. These people here want to know the truth, they want to believe that there are time travelers, and that perhaps TT would even explain the UFO pheonomenon or other things that are unexplained in the world today. If you were a real person and you have gone so far as to tell us “I’m real, but I don’t care if you believe me, in fact I don’t want you to believe me”… then you’ve got a serious problem with reality – not relativity.

By the way, I have some very extreme reasons to doubt that a microsignularity exists in the first place, and in the second place, if it DID exist, I doubt it would be the “size of an electron”. In any case, a signularity (a black hole for those of you who haven’t figured that out yet) is an extreme mass, and holding it in a magnetic field in a gravitational field as strong as Earth’s would simply rip the singularity from the magnetic field causing the black hold to crash to the center of the mass of Earth. The Earth would then become part of the black hole as it grew in size, pulling in the matter of the Earth.

At least that’s what physics says. If there are “fail safes” on such a device, the device’s power would have to be backed up multiple times, and then STILL FUNCTION (to ‘rotate the craft out of this time line’) to save the existing time line from major problems.

Sorry folks, too many holes (not black holes) in this theory.

[Edited by Rick Donaldson on 02-13-2001 at 08:01 AM]