A couple of questions
1. Is the Chevy truck better than the Ford truck for time travel. I always thought the TT package meant trailer towing. Geez was I wrong! Is Chevy still making time travel machines in 2036?

2. How did you buy your truck? How could you title it if you are only 3 years old to the title bureau at this point?
You won’t be able to sell it in Minnesota unless it’s in your name and clear. Is the Chevy newer and how did you pay for it? Did you scrounge around to find 40 year old currency in 2036? I know I wouldn’t take any money from someone that had mint marks from 2036.

3. Does the truck have to be running when you are travelling
through time. Did you come here in a Chevy? What if you run out of gas? Are there any factory options that make it easier, like cruise control?

That’s all I can think of for now.