((1)Have you ever went on any other time traveling missions? If so, what were they?))

Yes, but they were all training missions. There is a great deal of psychological profiling and testing and one of the training missions involved choosing a time in your life (within two years) where you wish you would have done something different and then going back to convince yourself to do it. The idea is to become familiar with the possibility of meeting yourself which can be rather difficult. It is quite odd to look at “yourself” and have a conversation. Since any “you” on another worldline would not be a mirror image, you get a slightly distorted feeling while seeing yourself, let alone the concept of speaking to yourself

(2)I believe you said you had pictures of your time machine, could you post a link to uploaded images?

I would be happy to do that and I tried a link earlier. I suspect that attaching links to other boards without the Sysop’s permission is in bad taste.

(3)If you have any pictures of the IBM computer you were susposed to get, could you post a link to them also?

I’m pretty sure there must be something on the web now about the IBM 5100.

(4)I looked up the name ‘Titor’ in the state of Flordia on 555-1212.com and couldn’t find ANY Titors, is your family not listed in the phone book?

I guess it depends when you look.

(5)Can I contact you through any other means of online communications? Like AOL Instant Messagner? ICQ? MSN? Something so I can have a conversation with you! But if you don’t have those, could you possibly consider downloading one of them, then emailing me your user name [email protected],nks!

I’ve tried talking online before and found it quite enjoyable but I find the questions and comments come so rapidly its hard to keep up.

(6)What is the specific Date that the Nuclear war starts? If you can’t remember the exact date, could you put the month at least? An estimate!

I remember the exact date. When it comes, it will not be a surprise.

(7)What is the speed of the average computer in the future? I am assuming it is in ghZ, if it is higher, could you post the name of that hZ measurement and its relation to the ghZ?

Ghz is not a useful measurement. Computers are no longer measured by their speed as mush as the number of variables (not calculations) they can handle per second.

(8)Can you do your own Time Traveling ventures whenever you want? If so, how much does it cost? Or can you make ‘pit stops’ along the way back to 2036?

No, the unit doesn’t belong to me. I can’t make stops on the way home as it will throw the gravity measurements off and It would force me to backtrack along the backtrack. Also, I can’t just leave and arrive at any place and time I want to. There are physical and technical limits to when and where I can go.

(9)Have you ever went past your future, like to 2050 or somewhere around there? If so, what is the world like then?

No, I haven’t been to the future of my 2036. My profile qualified me for a trip to the past.

((what about marilyn monroe? i wasn’t even born yet when she was alive – but i know she existed? & telling us something such as her existance would not greatly affect the outcome of our entire world.. so why not tell us?))

I understand your position and appreciate your supportive outlook. However, I have given some very detailed information that could be checked out. Please consider that our frame of reference is quite different and finding subjects to discuss and exchange information about could be a challenge. I’m just not up on music, Hollywood and sports in the year 2001. You could ask me all you want about 1975 but I suspect that’s not very impressive.

((…but it has nothing to do with his age..))

Actually it does, I have never personally experienced this time as an adult and “Brittany Spears” was not a big topic of conversation when your hiking through the swamp. Everything I know about your time is from books, magazines and old videotapes that weren’t destroyed in the war. If it makes you feel any better, I do struggle with not talking about football.

The animal Kingdom is alive and well. I’m sure it suffered but there fewer people infringing on animal’s habitats now. Nuclear war is a very undesirable thing but it is not the end of the world. There are areas and cities we can’t enter and the environment did suffer a great deal of damage but we are recovering. Isn’t Hirroshima a thriving city today? The major physical affects include skin cancer, infertility, infection, etc. Almost everyone has some sort of physical remnant from the war.

I am aware the concept of the Rapture is related to Christian Prophecy but I am not familiar with the details. Yes, there are people I trust here and I would hate for any harassment or harm to come to them. I am aware of the Mayan Calander but in 2012, it was not something I was able to think about. When the time comes, I’m sure people will find the signs they are looking for that leads them to the end of time.

When I say fear will keep you alive I am talking about the natural instincts and premonitions that we all trun off when its convienent. The same person who has five dead bolt locks on their door will think nothing about getting into a parking garage elevator with a total stranger. I think the fear of God is the fear of separation from God.

Some of you may wonder what a time traveler does with his day while he’s posting on the web. I spend a great deal of time downloading information and storing it for my return. “Art’s” site is definitely on that list. I’ll have to think about who the most remembered people are. Again, my viewpoint is quite squewed.

((1)Who is the Major Super Power? ))

It depends on how you define power. If you mean military, the world has developed into an odd balance. There are plenty of nuclear weapons left but if anyone uses them they will be instantly erased from the planet by everyone else regardless of the politics. We are very tired of war.

(2) Are the two political parties still Republicans and Democrats?

There are no Republicans or Democrats to speak of. There are now over 10 major political parties.

(3) How many States are there?

The states as you know them still exist but their political power has been combined with other states around them. There are now 5 major geopolitical areas in the united states.

(4) Which states get the worst?

When you can’t drink the water its bad everywhere.

(5) Were only cities along the Eastern Sea port hit in the Nuclear War, or all over the country?

Mostly cities and large military areas in the entire country.

(6) Do companys like Microsoft, Yahoo!, and other internet software companys still exist?


(7) Does money look alot different than it does now? If you have a picture, could you please upload it and post the link!

No, money is pretty much the same. Unfortunately, I do not have any money with me because I wouldn’t be able to use it here.

(8) So then when you time travel you can never actually go back to the EXACT same place you left from?

That is correct, in physical terms, I can never get back to the exact worldline I left from.

(9) Was alot of the United States’ 18-24 age group slaughtered in the war because of Draft?


(10)Do you ever get visitors from later time periods to 2036?

Not that I’m aware of but I can’t say it isn’t happening.

(11) Are there any other companys, besides the one you work for that have TTs and send them out regularly?

I work for the military. GE just makes the unit.

(12) Does the government know there is TT going on?

In 2036, yes.

(13) Why were YOU selected to be a TT? What gave you special qualifications?

I am related to a key figure in the development of the IBM 5100.

(14) How many TTs are there on the team that you are on? How do new recruits get selected?

My unit has between 6 and 10. When I left, there were 7 others. Military service, physical fitness, history or technical background and special relationship to target contacts get you in the door.

(15) What all countrys are on our side in the war? What all countrys are on the oposite side?

Don’t have much to add there.

(16) Which country gets the worst in the war?

Again, the entire world is affected. Even if you don’t take a direct hit, dying crops and no water can ruin your day.

My time traveling nemesis Javier (a.k.a. TTA) has found me yet again! As long as the links last, I do urge people to go back and take a look at some of the more insightful things you have to share.

((when i ask you a question of why you can’t tell us ‘there will be an earthquake in isreal in 2010..’ or something of the such..this is not a question that someone could CHANGE. it is a natural disaster & i purposely chose that sort of a disaster so the question could not be passed by as you did in your response. however, you choose to use a different type of example rather than answer my question -directly-.))

I will not share information that would allow someone to avoid death by probability.

((i just think you skirt around too many issues .. & by refusing to even mention something from the ‘future’ that could not be -changed- by people -today-..it just gives me further evidence that you are not who you say you are.))

Again, what I think is important doesn’t impress anyone and although I could point to various things I’ve said about other subjects the response is usually ho-hum tell us about music and sports. I suppose I could lie and make something up but what’s the point?

((In fact, regardless of your background you should have a basic understanding of physics.))

I do but your questions were rather specific. I would love to talk physics and I’ll be happy to walk through the operation of the unit.

((1) exposing yourself, you’ve very likely broken several regulations,

No, I haven’t.

((2) Put yourself at risk by doing so,))

Yes, that’s potential true but what I gain offsets that. Does that statement answer the question why time traveler’s do not revel themselves?

((3) should know a hell of a lot more about the machines you’re operating,))

I do know very much about it. I’m just not willing to share it with everyone.

((4) are inconsistent in several aspects of your posts.))

If you could point out the specific questions I will be happy to address them.

((By the way, I have some very extreme reasons to doubt that a microsignularity exists in the first place, and in the second place, if it DID exist, I doubt it would be the “size of an electron”. In any case, a signularity (a black hole for those of you who haven’t figured that out yet) is an extreme mass, and holding it in a magnetic field in a gravitational field as strong as Earth’s would simply rip the singularity from the magnetic field causing the black hold to crash to the center of the mass of Earth. The Earth would then become part of the black hole as it grew in size, pulling in the matter of the Earth.))

I’m not sure if you want me to go over these issues one at a time or if you’re just making a point.

The formula for horsepower is HP = torque X RPM / 5252.

((1. Is the Chevy truck better than the Ford truck for time travel. I always thought the TT package meant trailer towing. Geez was I wrong! Is Chevy still making time travel machines in 2036?))

The vehicle must have a strong suspension.

((2. How did you buy your truck? How could you title it if you are only 3 years old to the title bureau at this point? You won’t be able to sell it in Minnesota unless it’s in your name and clear. Is the Chevy newer and how did you pay for it? Did you scrounge around to find 40 year old currency in 2036? I know I wouldn’t take any money from someone that had mint marks from 2036.))

Don’t worry. Fortunately, these are things we’re taught at time travel school in “how to get around in the sarcastic 20th century. I said I didn’t have any money from 2036. I have plenty from here.

((3. Does the truck have to be running when you are travelling through time. Did you come here in a Chevy? What if you run out of gas? Are there any factory options that make it easier, like cruise control?))

The vehicle must be standing still.