my question(i just think you skirt around too many issues .. & by refusing to even mention something from the ‘future’ that could not be -changed- by people just gives me further evidence that you are not who you say you are.))

your response:Again, what I think is important doesn’t impress anyone and although I could point to various things I’ve said about other subjects the response is usually ho-hum tell us about music and sports. I suppose I could lie and make something up but what’s the point?

you fail to understand why i ask the silly hum-drum questions. i do not truly care what the music/hollywood will be like in 5-10 whole reason for asking the unimportant questions is because they are -unimportant-. you say that you can’t answer questions about when a natural disastor occurs..or things that can be -changed- by people to alter the way they -should- happen. so i am asking questions that can NOT be changed. someone can not change the fact that “Girly G. Hottie” is the next big name in showbusiness’.. my whole reason for asking these things is so that in 5-10 years when you’re “gone” i can say “holy bejezuz.., maybe that guy was for real!”. that would be the extent of’s not like i could -do-change- anything.. i just want to know if you’re real & you give no proof whatsoever that you’re real. even if it’s not an instantaneous realization..i would realize this when whatever you said would happen came true. i am -not- trying to be shallow w/my questions..these are no things that i -care- whether or not it’s this or that.. it’s just proof for me.

i’m beginning to think, as someone suggested – that you’re writing a book & this is all material for it. you said you didnt want us to be sheep & just -wanted- us to ask questions. so if we ask questions then you can sew up any holes you have in your story.. so it will be the tightest & most realisticly possibly sci-fi time travel story ever. i don’t like the idea that you could possibly be using all of these people & if you are *grr* shame on you.