This is getting just …weird …enough.

John Titor – Are you being obtuse about Bonnie’s inquiries for more personal reasons? Her logic is pretty sound, and you’re avoiding discussing some of the things that people naturally find curious about other cultures. If I was traveling in any other cultural setting, I would want to know about … The Culture. What kind of music is popular, what kind of recreation is enjoyable, what holidays are important…

Being a bit coy, I would say, for someone who’s been through the rigors of such heavy historical dramas. My guess is that there are some simple folk songs that people find some pleasure in hearing, in the future (especially after cultural destabilizing events).

Do you feel some pleasure in breathing clean air and not having to check a geiger counter every few miles?

Are there people in this time period who are hip (aware) of Time Travelers and who accept you as one? I would imagine there are folk in our time, who travel in different circles (out of the mainstream), who have some money and/or some power, and who know things that the rest of us do not. Are you, or others, in touch with people like that? How ARE you financing things?

And if this is NOT for real, working that tongue a little harder ‘gainst the edge of your cheek – for the rest of us simpletons, could earn you some game points.