A most compelling story and an interesting person. I am no
scientist so cannot question adequately the physics invol-
ved in such endeavors- but I could not understand Al Bielek
and his recounting of the science behind the Montauk episode
either, but I know he was telling the truth. For those int-
ersted, from that interview and Mr Bielek’s book, I fully believe time and space travel exists,(since 1983) although under exactly whose aegis I do not presume to know.
And your socio/eco/political comments about our present state and its fate are eminently believable and highly likely.
I would hope that the paradise I live in would somehow be spared (the Hawaiian Islands) but I suspect it would not be spared as a strategic target for obvious reasons. Indeed, in general terms I understand innately for myself why these things must come to pass. May God have mercy on our souls.

Thanks for your own curiosity and courage. I wish you and your family only the best…for all time.

R.C. Meserve
[email protected]