But I will absolutely not get sucked into another “Waverider” hoax.

Come on people, don’t you remember the Waverider?
The Waverider and his fantastic faxes to AB?
Well I do.
And I admit he suckered me too…for a while.
I also remember when he went on the show and made a complete fool of himself. Art finally came to his senses too and blasted him. It would be nice to find out the date he was on and get a copy of the broadcast.

Webmaster? A little help please.

Well anyway, back to the subject matter. I don’t hate John and I don’t dislike him either. I am nuetral about him.
There is a world of difference between him and the Waverider though. John has an articulate manner of writing and has an amazing command of our present language (35 years old by him) I also went back and reread ALL his posts and I only found one spelling error and no grammatical errors, so he pretty much shames me on that count. His written content seems to be well subdued and consistent. (except for the 2004 vs. 2005 thing) John seems to be of above average IQ and conducts himself in a dignified manner.

Of course all this analysis was made from his posts so he could be an entirely different person in real life.

Since I am not completely galvanized against John I have thought about the possibility of Human TT. (ET TT is another matter)

Logically though the revelation of his TT ability still makes no sense, as he could easily question people of this time and get all sorts of info without revealing himself.

So that leads to the question why would he reveal himself if he has no stated aganda for doing so?

Some hypothesis:

1. John IS a TT’er who has a hidden agenda. It could be as simple as a gentle nudge in a certain direction. ( It aint gonna happen John, for the most part humans are a stubborn illogical lot whose memory of past events is in the area of weeks, instead of years or decades)

2. John came here to give somebody a “Back to the Future” type of push so as to invent the Time Machine. ( My opinion on this is that no one needs to “invent” the TM because if is has been built in the future then it has always been invented, and we are merely waiting for someone to “discover” it. Just look back at most of the major advancements in science, almost every invention of science already existed, it only needed people to put it together.
About the only things humans have invented deal in the arts. music etc. This opinion comes from the “all times exist at once” theory.)

3. John came back for some kind of nostalgia tour and has decided to take a rest stop in 2001 ( don’t stay too long John or you will become polluted by us to such an extent you will probably end up in Vegas hocking your TM at the tables!)

4. John came here to witness some catastrophic near future event and won’t tell us about it (to me this would be the most plausible reason of them all because whatever he tells us would be rendered mute by the “event”)

5. < your thoeries here>