I conclude that John is:

1) Not from the future.
2) He has no time machine.
3) He is doing this for personal gain – whether monetary, or social-interaction, but more specifically, I believe he is working on either a psychology study/degree/thesis.
4) He is in his late 20’s or early 30s.

If John were a time traveler, he would not be here telling us anything about himself. He certainly would not give us information regarding anything having to do with “future technology”, regardless of the divergence of timelines. You see… even a semi-unethical person would have qualms about screwing up a society that you can taste, touch, feel and experience.

If John truely IS a time traveler (which he isn’t in the sense he is trying to lead us to believe) then he is here to witness an historical event that we have yet to figure out. Either the beginning of World War III (which some of us already believe is about to happen) or the beginning of Civil war. I can postulate and guess all day, at all sorts of reasons – about all all sorts of things I can figure out on my own. In other words.. if John were a time traveler, he would be here NOW to watch something about to happen (very historical, very important…). If he would answer some questions about the physics of his alledged time ship, I would be willing to go along with this some more.

At this point… my points above (1-4) stand. John is a fraud.

Sorry John… it was fun while it lasted.