Time out!

I thought the idea here was to have constructive dialogue.
Personally I don’t give a rat’s behind whether or not John is from the future.

I have enjoyed this discussion more than any I’ve been in before. First off why the personal attacks? I’ve mentioned before that this guy is a study in self control. He never sinks to the level of the aggressor, some of us could learn from that.

In case somebody here has not noticed!
When was the last time you spoke with someone as intelligent and well versed in these subjects?

I hope John or whatever his name is writes a book. I’ll publish him if he wants.

The story John tells is sobering, realistic, and ENTERTAINING.
The last time I looked participation here was discretionary. If you don’t like the subject, either question the guy, expose the guy, or leave the guy alone. Alternatively you can learn from what he says.
I don’t understand all the personal attacks.

Let’s say that John is a “confused person” would it not be kinder to help him regain his senses, than to attack him.

Let’s say he’s writing a book. Hey John “great story” when does the book come out.

Let’s say he’s a hoaxer and really enjoys deceiving everyone and lies all the time. Mr. Titor we have a job for you in D.C. after the “Neanderthal” gets voted out in 4 years.

I know people who would consider John’s world a reasonable improvement over what we have today. I agree with them.
If you had to guess what John’s political affiliation was what would you say?


None of it fits does it? I have revelation for you This guy is “an American”.

As gloomy a picture as he paints, the society he describes is leaps and bounds ahead of us in their reverence for the Constitution which as John says we should all read.

JC has been on this guy’s case for a while now and I don’t see “Titor” insulting him or anyone else.

As to the frequency of the word “kill” in his posts. so what? it proves nothing and if you look at all the posts that statement is invalid.

Go read some of Ed Dames’s garbage.

I’m not here to defend John I’m expressing my frustration with the posters that derive their ego gratification by attacking others and hitting below the belt.

By below the belt I mean “unwarranted personal attacks”

Read the rules of this BBS, you’ll see that it’s supposed to be an open forum for “discussions from the other side of the fence” if you want namby pamby traditional BS go to the Rush Limbaugh show, or maybe you like born again Christian lies, Jerry Fallwell has a few books to sell you.

To the physicists and physics enthusiasts. Let’s see your proof, your CV, and your school transcripts. Do you want to talk about verifiable backgrounds?
Why don’t you subject yourself to the same scrutiny that you subject others to. Most serious physicists would be hard pressed to come “here” of all places and “demand” empirically tested responses from a guy who claims to be from 2036. Get a clue!

I suggest that if he is an attention monger hoaxer, he got you. He made you get flustered and loose your sense of decorum. Your folly not his.

Before I forget. Anyone who has been on the Internet longer than 5 minutes knows that spelling errors, and grammatical errors are not considered to be indicative of a person’s intelligence, or educational background.

No I will not engage in name calling on a personal basis, and I won’t respond to flame e-mails, and I won’t be posting any more in this thread. Some of you are childish and have a mob mentality. who wants to discuss time travel, physics, or the time of day, with a lynch mob.


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