In case somebody here has not noticed!
When was the last time you spoke with someone as intelligent and well versed in these subjects? ”

Well… last time *I* personally spoke to someone about these subjects who is as ‘well-versed’ was about 30 minutes ago when I came from speaking to a couple of physicists upstairs. Somehow, I end up speaking to a lot of these types of folks (physicists) – I guess it might have something to do with the job I do for the government.

“The last time I looked participation here was discretionary. If you don’t like the subject, either question the guy, expose the guy, or leave the guy alone. Alternatively you can learn from what he says. I don’t understand all the personal attacks. ”

You’re right, however, I don’t think we are attacking him, we are QUESTIONING HIM. Somehow I always see this out of liberally-biased people, when someone is being quizzed, these liberally-biased people complain of attacks when they (or their heros) can’t answer questions to someone’s satisfaction. He has not answered questions to anyone’s satisfaction thus far. He has subjected himself to our scrutiny and you are jumping to his defense because you feel bad for him? Don’t. He put himself in this position. He is responsible for the questions, not you.

“Let’s say that John is a “confused person” would it not be kinder to help him regain his senses, than to attack him. Let’s say he’s writing a book. Hey John “great story” when does the book come out. ”

Not at all. John is not confused. John is also not a time traveler, but he has a fantastic imagination. That much is true. Political correctness is not my forte, nor do I profess that anyone use it anymore. It is passe. Sorry. PC is thought control, and being NICE to someone so as not to hurt their feelings is a by-gone thing, of another era.

“Let’s say he’s a hoaxer and really enjoys deceiving everyone and lies all the time. Mr. Titor we have a job for you in D.C. after the “Neanderthal” gets voted out in 4 years. ”

Hmmm… now, you bring me to the point of asking you – why are you now attacking the President of the United States? What has he to do with any of this? Why are you calling him a Neanderthal? Because your guy, Gore, lost the election? I’m sorry you feel that way, especially since you seem to think we ought to be nice to John and not attack him (even though we weren’t). You thought, more than likely, we should have been nice to Clinton as well. I expect you to act the same way as you expect me to act. Don’t attack the President (in particular since he has nothing to do with this conversation).

The one thing I can agree with you that was mentioned, that I didn’t quote here was the idea of spelling errors, grammer errors and such. I’m certain I have spelling errors. I have almost 21 years of hard-core “schooling” and I make serious spelling errors all the time. That includes over 9 years of college, thoughout which, writing was one of the most important aspects. We all make errors, in spelling… judgement. Perhaps we could all be nicer to those of us who make spelling errors.

However, Ernie, when one places himself up for study, as has John, then one needs to understand that there will be questions. These are not attacks (as your crude comments about the President of the United States were), but questions concerning his veracity. Question yourself, before you judge others motives. I’ve questioned MYSELF on whether I should even consider joining this discussion. I did so based solely on my inherit need to know about things like time travel. I asked legitimate questions. They were ignored, then later, when I asked others, they were skirted. John is therefore, either a liar, writer or a man who simply doesn’t want to get caught in a circle of lies from which he can not extract himself. That is too bad.

I really hoped it was the real thing, this time.