Touche? Rick:

I would have sent this to you personally but you won’t accept e-mails. Your web site is unreachable. and ICQ is not an option for me. Do you actually use ICQ from work? where there is sensitive information?

I admit it was naive indeed for me to think I could get away with my last post without being taken to task for it.

So I hereby eat my words about not posting anymore. I guess that makes me a liar also.

Why did you assume I was directing my comments to you? my statements were not an indictment of your questions in particular. In fact I didn’t consider “your” statements as an attack at all until you called JT a liar.

I’m not defending Titor or his claims, he did not answer some of my question to my satisfaction either, but I don’t take that to mean I have license to call him a liar. Do you call everyone that doesn’t give you a satisfactory answer a liar? if so does that really make sense?

As to scrutiny being self inflicted. I have personal experience there also.

If you care to look. I make statements on my web sites that yield thousands of e-mails pro and con. I deal with controversial topics, I write about them, and I market alternative energy devices. I use physics in my work every day.

Can you explain the mechanics of creating a trans-dimensional vortex?

What would happen if you mixed equal parts 4oz each of: bronzing powder, epoxy, and bee’s wax,and NASA grade quartz, then into it you introduce a gold plated rod, introduce 2 coils, one on each side. Attach a tone generator to each coil reversing the polarities.
Then attach a power supply of to each tone geneator say, 12 volts / 500 Ma. Once the epoxy sets up.
Set one generator to pulse at 18 hz and the other at 11hz and pushed the on button? What would happen? any clue? If you could get this to spin at say 3600 rpm what would happen then?

What would the use of pi as opposed to phi in a formula for attenuating a static EMF do to a multidimensional construct?

If you could see zero point energy what color would it be?

Is there a sub-atomic particle that requires being aknowledged before it can be measured? If so explain why?

Why does water have molecular memory? If it does, does it mean we don’t need to use drugs anymore, and we can just charge water with a sample?

How is homeopathic medicine prepared? do you really believe that, a homeopath in Schenectady New York has the equipment to perform a 40 million to 1 dilution of a microgram of some substance with any degree of accuracy?

I have my fair share of supporters and detractors regarding my life work, and political ideology.
I have been called everything you can imagine that is unpleasant, by people that don’t know me at all. Excuse me if I take issue with this. Notice how quickly you labeled me a liberal. Why Rick? was it something I said? or did you make other assumptions about me? based on my profile? or my surname?

I don’t deny anyone’s right to say what they want. In fact I’ll go to the mat for free speech. That’s a basic right we have here in the U.S.

Your profile implies that you are a patriotic American. If so why don’t you see what Titor is really doing. Patriotism is something near and dear to me. My family has lost much in defense of idealism.

My family has been involved in the military, government, and diplomacy for 900+ years, in many nations where my ancestors have lived starting with Spain and culminating here. I take politics and politicians very seriously, and you should also since they are the manipulators of our society, and attempt to architect our way of thinking.

All I know about you is in your profile and your post. None of it is enough for me to feel the need to insult you, or be condescending to you as your post was to me. I don’t know you!

For the record.

I don’t think anyone who ran for office last november was worth a vote.

I’m not a liberal.

Gore was never “my” guy.

Clinton is no better no worse than any other politician.

If P.C. is passe why can’t I say the President is a neanderthal.

If you really like “guns, shooting” and you are interested in democracy, you should be reading the writing on the wall, like many other patriots.

In the not so distant future you may have to actually live up to the Patriotic ideal that gun advocates talk about all the time, and actually have to go out and defend the Constitution. Would you do this? I would, against all enemies foreign and domestic. This includes the governmet by the way.

I don’t think the enemy is “Black” or “Hispanic” or from the middle east. If you have to fight for your country and your family during your lifetime it will most likely be against Americans of all races.

The office of the President of the United States is the most important job on the planet.
Much depends on the President’s ability to think, and act in a decisive and clear fashion, our lives depend on it.

Although I don’t know President Bush personally, nor would I care to make his acquaintance.
It is common knowledge that in the brain department he is (let’s be P.C. so you don’t have a partisan fit) to say the least “challenged”. This is a matter of record not conjecture. Surely you are not going to deny that.

What would be your guess as to Dan Quaile’s IQ?
Would you argue that point of light?
2 less than brilliant people as President, and Vice President in a row says as much about Republicans, as the Clinton scandals, and Gore’s ineptitude say a about the democrats.

Can you honestly state here that in the last 8 years you did not voice any opinion about Clinton, or something personally disparaging about him or his wife. Did you ever call Carter a coward?

Did you just start your job at the government? if you started before the new administration why are you so quick to jump to your new boss’s defense and so quick to indict your previous boss?

If you could, would you debate the President on internal issues? or foreign policy? I would. According to the Constitution everyone is fair game for scrutiny “especially” the President.

A large segment of the population has become indifferent to the actions of the FED.
We are all going to pay dearly for acting like “sheep”.

Government Phycisists do not really discuss time travel with “System Engineers”. Unless they are just conjecturing to impress you, and don’t really know much more than you do.

If they did they would go to jail for telling you.
Unless of course you have adequate security clearance, in which case “you” would likely be in breech discussing it here. Moreover you would already know the truth about time travel, so there would be no point in seeking it here.

Working for the government does not of itself give you access to classified information. I worked for the government in the past and all it got me was an education in government squandering of taxpayer money.

You are a systems Engineer working for a government agency right? I have a 5 questions for you.
What happens to your budget next year if you don’t use up all of this year’s allotment?
What happens to the hardware that your agency replaces with newer models?
Have you ever performed a partisan task while on the job?
Have you ever made a political contribution to keep your job?
Have you ever used your office PC to surf the web for non work related reasons? See how easy it is to take a cheap shot.

It was government scientists that decided that Heroin addicts in methadone programs were being descriminated against when denied work driving Trains and buses, even piloting aircraft, or as air traffic controllers. The rationale was that since some addicts showed agitation, and others became lethargic, that in general Methadone does not have a deleterious effect on concentration, and coordination. They actually went as far as to publish that Methadone only has a placebo effect and does not produce a high.

Going to credibility and proof? Just how much is enough for you?

If I were to tell you a story that was fantastic in nature and read like a science fiction book. This story would relate meetings with high ranking Military officers, DOD operatives, The CIA. It dealt with UFO, E.T., global politics, and manipulation of the American press by foreign operatives in cahoots with the CIA. Would you believe?

I think not.

What if you were able to verify that all of the above actually took place by checking declassifed documents, addresses, military records, police reports, individual personal validation by witnesses, and the only thing you could not know for sure was what was discussed at these meetings.

Would you then believe? I doubt it, why? because the actual facts (the conversations) can’t be verified.

I have lived such a story and I know I could never prove it to anyone’s satisfaction, yet it really happened to me, I was nearly killed. I even have permission from the government to tell anybody I want because they know there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that anyone (that counts)would believe it.

I have considered fictionalizing it but it irks me to have to lie so people will take me seriously. Since I don’t need the money, and I don’t want to have to respond to every question posed to me, intelligent or not, I choose to keep it to myself and my friends.

My point is that as hard as you try on this board, there is no way you are going to find the truth (about time travel at least)you are looking for until someone pulls up to you in a time machine and takes you to another time.

I enjoy a good debate as much as the next guy, and Im prepared to back up all my statements. I do however require a certain amount of civility to enter into protracted debate, as I believe that the moment you lose perspective, the conversation becomes moot.

I do feel that some personal attacks are valid. If a person is harming others with his statements, and has been “proven” to be dishonest, and malicious in intent.
Like the President for instance
I have no problem with anyone taking them on on a personal level. I do it so I would be a hypocrite to expect others not to.

Again I appeal to you to e-mail me if you want to carry this any further we are off topic now.