I have to agree with Ernie in some aspects. So what if you don’t believe he’s a true time traveller? Leave it at that. I’m always open to ideas, I neither poo poo them nor do I automatically say their true. I like to say I sit on a line between where I can go either way. I’m not frowned upon because I make descisons too fast. There’s a lot in this world we don’t know.. everything from creatures, to diseases to even time travel.

Personally I find this thread interesting, without a lot of the just totally putting John down. If you don’t believe him fine, leave it at that. John, you are an interesting person and I’m here and I enjoy seeing your replys, be it real or not. I’m just glad to see a person or two remaining cool in this and not going towards personal attacks.

John, if you are a true time traveller, when you leave to go back to the future, give my “Hello” to the future.