I feel my earlier questions were written without much thought. I have read all of your posts, and although I don’t ‘believe’, I do find what you are saying very very interesting. I would like to rephrase a few of my questions, In hope that it may make it easier for you to answer (feel free to just answer yes/no). I am mainly interested in the roles/parts Australia plays (as I live here) in the war and then the general way of life after the war. I understand you may not have much information reguarding other countries, but I thought I would ask anyway.

1) What role does Australia play in the war? You stated elsewhere that they repulse a Chinese invasion – Does this mean Australian government side with your enemy? (As I think I recall you stating that they allied with your side + Russia… Could be wrong though.)
2) Does intercontinental transportation still exist? If so, have you visited other countries?

On a more observational note, the world you describe reminds me of the post sacked Trantor in Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ series. And that makes me smile.