Well John, I imagine you are here gathering technology for the forces of “Good” – or at least for the forces of just plain old decent folk doing the best they know how.

Today’s news stories

“In a news report reminiscent of the days of the old USSR, Pravda recently claimed that Pres. Bush’s National Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, made belligerent comments about Russia to the magazine El Figaro. Only problem: Rice was never interviewed with El Figaro. Rice’s office tells NewsMax.com most of the claims made in the reports were fabricated.”

Any idea whose provoking this?

…and this one

“MOSCOW –– The Russian military held air exercises near Norway and Japan on Wednesday, forcing fighter jets in both countries to scramble and eliciting a strong protest from Japan, which said the planes violated its airspace.

Japan’s Foreign Ministry called in a Russian diplomat to protest and the defense agency said the Russian military planes violated Japanese airspace twice.

“Russia has sharply increased test flights of its planes since NATO’s campaign in Kosovo,” said Alexander Pikayev, a military analyst at the Carnegie Endowment’s Moscow office. “The military wants to show that it’s too early to write Russia off.”

“Whether they violated airspace of not, that’s not the key thing,” said Pavel Felgenhauer, an independent military analyst. “They were demonstrating the rebirth of Russia’s military might.”

Pikayev said Wednesday’s exercises may also be a response to recent signals from Washington that Russia no longer occupies a privileged place in U.S. foreign policy.


I got about 70-80% of your dimension ripping tutorial, BTW. Thanks