Mr. Murphy —

If you are standing still on the surface of the earth, does the earth move away from you as the years progress?

It is not neccesary to calculate and then adjust for the exact location of the earth realitive to some static frame of reference like the center of the galaxy or some magic ‘origin’ point. Everything is relative. A TT blessed with a TT-device capable of traveling through time while standing still relative to the earth wouldn’t have to worry much about where the earth would be 30 years into the future — because he and his device are already moving in such a way that he will be in the same place 30 years down the time axis.

Of course this is assuming that einstien’s physics was at least accurate enough for such purposes. That is yet to be proven, but it has held strong for more than half a
century, as a general case.

But the reality that makes his theory seem to work makes you argument next to moot.

John T. —

Are we having fun yet?

How ’bout some philosophy.

What is your conception of the nature of reality?

Is it subjective or objective?

Is there one grand reality, or is it ‘to each his own’?

Do you think there are any absolutes? If so, in which contexts?

Things of that nature . . . has our understanding (on the level of society you fit into) changed in these respects?

Does sin exist?

What happens when you die?

Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera . . .

— Randy E.

P.S. — Personally, I don’t understand why it is so important to the people who post here that they believe you . . . communications, such that they are, make perfect understanding between individuals dicey at best . . . how can I be sure that something that is in my ‘reality’ is in yours? How can anybody be sure of anything? Keep thinking . . . and perhaps, share your thoughts with those here which read first and write later.