Hi Rick, John, all:

I also found John’s post regading the specifics to be beyond much contention. My scale is tipping toward belief.

I’ll say this much. The descriptions John provided are much more convincing than his ability to write a given equation. I think I understand why Rick was impressed as I know a bit more about Rick today than I did 2 days ago I mean his technical background.

Here is my opinion.

John thus far has demontrated the following:

Ability to discuss physics that seems to rise (eventually) to the level of the question posed.

High degree of intelligence.

Has not wavered in his ethical assertions regarding (verifyable) disclosure of future events.

No interest in making money for this (so far)

Continuity of statements (not 100%, but he’s human)

Accurate cultural behaviour for a person from the world he claims to come from.

Has “I believe” made more than 1 verifyable prediction. (I think) correct me if I misunderstood his post.


A degree of loyalty to his country, and for democracy not found every day. He has read the Constitution and understood it. IMHO

Hinted that he may have had something to do with recent events that did not come to pass.

An accurate depiction of the climate that would escalate to the wars and events he describes.

Made statements that contradict many other Time Traveller’s

Has attempted to answer most of what is asked of him.

The ability to accurately relate a story as if he had been there.

A great deal of self control when “questioned”.
(for you Rick

In general has been a very good thread host.

None of this proves he’s a time traveller, but it does prove to me that I should continue to read the posts, and ask further question.

As someone recently mentioned a preponderance of circumstantial evidence builds credibility.

I have a question for John:

John, what would it take to get you to stick around after spring and leave during the next window of opportunity?

I fear that another month or 2 may not be enough time to get as much said and discussed as I would like to have.

Regarding the photos. I have asked 6 friends that have been in the military and “whatever” the device is in the photo looks very authentic. The manual also is what you would expect from the military. The revisions on the cover page look normal for such a manual. Maybe Rick can take a close look at the photos. Has anyone done any imaging on the photos to make the individual controls on the “machine” more visible.

In your “world time” have things like “Saquatch” , “Loch Ness monster”, and other reported unusual animals been seen, or captured or explained away.

Is remote viewing used to gather military intelligence?

Are psychics still common? are they used by the government?

Is there a Police Dept as we know it. Have any of your top leaders or politicians been jailed or impeached?

John, any chance of getting a better set of photos with more of the manual?.

John please respond to my question as to “the prediction” did I jump the Gun? (get ahead of myself).

One final question? Is there a Global Superpower state and what nation is it.

Best regards,