At the very begginning of this thread, I was very skeptical. Who wouldn’t be on a topic like this? However, I find myself believing it even more with each page. What I find strange is why so many people don’t believe. I think we’ve established that a majority of us do believe time travel a possibility. Most of us also believe that the human race does indeed learn how to travel to time sometime in the future. If we believe this, then why do we find it so hard to believe that there are people from the future among us? If John is not a time traveler, then he’s a **** good lier. There are minor flaws in his stories, but I think there are more strengths than flaws. Maybe I just believe his story because I want to (selective belief).

As for the issue of security, I think Rick covered it all. I don’t think the government would be as open-minded to this topic as some of us. Unless John proved he was a time traveler, I don’t think anyone will be using his IP to track him. Which is a reason I don’t think John can be proving to us that he is indeed a TT. (Maybe that’s one of the lessons in TT training.) Unless there is a branch of the FBI similar to the X-Files, I doubt anyone will be knocking on Johns door anytime soon.