Hi all:
Randy, although I remain to be convinced as to the nature of John or his story. I have never said he was a fake or a fraud, or a liar, actually, I expressed frustration at the seemingly all important “is he or isn’t he” debate.

I propose that “what John is” is irrelevant to this conversation. What is relevant is the ideas, and very good technical information being discussed here. I can tell you that I’m sure that some of the posters know more about time travel and it’s why’s and why nots, than they did prior to coming here.

The real interesting conversation has been about the culture he describes, and the way they approach life.

My comment regarding story lines is accurate. It does not however, detract from any literary work. It also had no connection to John Titor, I was actually disagreeing with the previous poster that stated that the Farmer General metaphor somehow was indicative of deception on Johns part, or a weak link in his story. The Farmer General is nothing new. History is replete with Farmer Generals.

I was pointing out to him the “preponderance” of similarity that exists in the area of “plot development”. As an author you must have at times asked yourself if the scene you were creating did not sound too much like “this”, or “that”.

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify the point.

Oh one more thing.

You say
The mind is the ultimate vessel for any kind of exploration . . . lets please direct our miranderings a little more effectively even on this micro level, . . . if only to please my aesthetic sense!

Please excuse me if I misuderstood but neither I nor anyone else here is going direct their meanderings in any direction to please “your” sense of Aesthetics.
As soon as you become a moderator here you can dictate whatever you want. Remember that whatever you post will most likely get a response.

By the way “effective meandering” is a poor choice of metaphor, you see it’s a borderline oximoron.


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