Mr. Vega, I excuse you as you ask. Complete understanding between seperate entities in this world is likely an impossibility. I claim no such moderatorship — I was just attempting to appeal to everybodies sense of ‘proper actions during mutually-benificial social interactions’ (I hate it when I can’t find the right, single word to say what I want to say . . .) . . . attempting to phrase it in a way that hasn’t already been said here . . . obviously, at least in your case, it back fired. I still feel its a good sentiment.

“Effective meandering” appealed to me for exact reason which seems to make you feel it was a poor metaphor. It has the meaning I intend, as I know the language.


John T:

Since you are stockpiling examples of written word from this time, whether to bring back to the future or for sources in your own written endeavours, I suggest you make this a two way street — you take our words, so lets have some more of yours.

Do you remember any poetry or verse from after 2001 in your past?

Is there an active market on new books in your time, or has that infranstructure not rebuilt it self? Are most the books available old or new?

Out of curiosity, as a rough judge of character, have you read the works of J.R.R. Tolkien? And did you enjoy them.

Actually, this all boils down to the question the last few posters have been getting at — R U THERE?

All –

Even if John never posts again, this thread would still seem to be useful . . . there is enough conflict here to make it good drama.

I think time-travel is possible . . . others among us think its impossible . . . there are other threads where battles in this war are fought . . . but this particular theatre is far from over.