John T —

I would like you to answer any of the questions which you feel you can answer. I would not ask were I not curious. You, of course, are allowed to censor yourself and direct the conversation by what you choose to respond to and say.

It may intrest you to read some of the other threads on this bbs, the ones about other topics, like religion . . . and post in them.

But I think I can provide a brief response to your questions to promote further conversation here.

I believe that faith AND good works will get one to God. There are other things, but they can arguably be included under the headings of ‘faith’ and ‘good works’.

I believe there is an organized force of evil that works against God’s plan for men’s souls. Its all part of the plan.

Your next question may be “Why do you believe that?” . . .

My answer is two part:

1. I was born into a family where such beliefs run strong. It feels right to believe what my loved ones believe.

2. My studies since my childhood have done nothing but confirm that such beliefs are at least well founded, if not indicated by the way I understand that ‘things’ work in this reality. By this I allude to many different avenues of the pursuit of knowledge. Recently, the most convincing has been things I’ve learned in my study of physics, of all things . . .

Some scientist say science has made them athiests . . . I say science, as I understand it, has had the opposite effect on many others.

I like to think, and the more I think, the more I become convinced that my beliefs are accurate enough for my purposes.

But, they are beliefs, and I could not prove them to you.

Another reason why I am stubborn in some of these beliefs, the religious ones and other parts of my philosophy is because it feels right — almost as if by intuition or subconscious communications from ‘the other side’.

I don’t think the possibility of TT disagrees in any way with any of the elements of my philosophy.

I think many reading this thread would like you to expound on the elements of your philosophy, John.

I vaguely remember you mentioned being religious . . . am I remembering straight? (I’ll look over the past posts of course, but reiteration doesn’t hurt.) How would you answer your own questions?

Could you talk a bit more on how the ‘many worlds’ view point introduced by the advent of the TT tech. developed in your society affects the religious views of both the masses and the thinkers?

I think that it works with the way I understand things — Falling under the ‘many flocks’ arguement, if nothing else.

You mention gathering written material here . . . so I assume you do a lot of reading — before this trip, in your spare time, did you read much fiction? If so, what genre? Any books from this century?

What brought you to this bbs in the first place?

And here is another character-o-meter question I’d like you to answer: Have you seen George Lucas’s Star Wars Trilogy (bonus points for any of the prequels or sequels)?