((So those responds to our questions took you 5 days to come up with? Is that the best you could do?))

How many days seem normal?

((You said you went to basic training remember, on the other forum? And that’s how you got asked to be apart of this Time Travel project in the first place. Be consistent.))

Your question referred to army basic training. My earlier comment referred to be choosen for this mission.

((…You answered them like a politician would, and that’s by stepping around the truth without actually lying. You’re to generic. But it’s logical enough to keep your story and claims going.))

I’m not sure but it sure looks like your trying to say I’m being truthful within your expectations. However, if you’re trying to hurt my feelings, comparing me to a politician will do it.

(……..My only concern is how it might affect the “me” on this worldline.)

Actually, this is a good question. If the “me” here goes on to have the same type of life and future work that I did, it may not look good on his resume that another “him” has left a videotape behind of his future mission to 1975.

((I guess you are held accountable, in some way, for changes that occur in your time period..))
((So where do you stand? Your awfully unclear when asked questions of this nature. And you always give a conflicting point of view to others you’ve had to answer. And it’s always about you.))

If you look at my concern carefully, you can see that it won’t affect me at all. It affects him.

((Oh and by the way everyone. John here says no one believes him… Is that right everyone? Well if that’s true or not, he’s in FLORIDA and goes by the name of JOHN TITOR. Do your own investigation, and show him how much you believe him. I’m sure you’ll get some takers))

I’m touched by your concern for my safety.