Art had a fellow on the show the other day from a Time Travel organization.

John, do they have anything to do with the “future” of time travel as YOU know it? The information can be found on Art Bell’s site, as well as the full audio archive of the show.

If you get the chance, listen in, and check out the web site and tell us what you think of the information the doctor provided on the show.

About video taping the depature… Let us assume you do this, and your agents (family?) in florida send the tape to the Sci Fi channel, or to Art Bell… how would this affect you in the future?

Theoretically speaking, I doubt that anyone could determine that you actually time traveled, but it would certainly make a very good show.

When you depart this time, what is it we will see? Will the vehicle simply vanish instantly, or fade out? Will a “bubble” of time develop around the vehicle causing an darkened sphere preventing light from going through? Will anything (other biological entities) caught in the “time sphere” vanish as well – more specifically, any plants or animal life that approaches too closely to the vehicle… will they get dragged along?