Hi Rick,

((I assume you have all of this archived from another BBS or something?))

This piece of information origionally came from an email conversation between John and I and yes, it was posted on the timetravelinstitute BB. I only submitted it here so John didnt have to explain it all over again. and it answered your question. I asked him the same question.

((What’s your part in all of this?))

Iam not exactly sure…yet.

((How did you get pictures of the machine?))

John gave them to me.

((Do you know, or have you met John personally?))

I have been talking to John since Nov. 2, 2000.
Where I came in contact with him through the timetravelinstitute. I have been in communication with him every since.

Thankyou for the link, Rick. I listened to Dr. Anderson it was very interesting indeed. alot of information. hopefully John will have a chance to listen to it.
I am pleasantly surprised I didnt realize what a great source of information Art had here on his web site. I will be listening to several other audios.