Blonnie Dowden

February 15, 2001 1:04 pm
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i would first like to state that i for one have never said you’re an idiot – i said you are aggravating. which is not really a personal problem w/yourself it is just how i perceive you to be. an adjective – not a noun.

this sentence bothers me:
“Although I do understand the reasons for asking, I won’t gain from any communication with you by spouting physics formulas and pop culture predictions.”

so that’s what this is all about? you come here & want us to “help” you by asking questions.. so you can figure out how -we- percieve things & why we think the way we do but you do not recipricate the efforts. you only discuss things that you care about or that -you- think are important or that -you- think you will “gain” something from. seems rather -one-sided- to me.

you say:
“The experiences, opinions and reasons you do things are just as valid as mine and just as different. I hope to return home with a better understanding of why you think and believe the way you do. ”

so you return home w/a better understanding while we’re left here w/the same questions we had before? it doesn’t seem very beneficial to -us-..just to -you- (atleast from your statements).


Blonnie Dowden

February 13, 2001 2:00 pm
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you are the most frustrating time traveler i’ve ever met!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(ok you’re the only one i’ve ever met)

geez..why do you isolate that one question? the whole thing was used to mean that it was -unimportant- in the fact that just because you tell us those things ..we can not change or alter them.. they are just -proof-.. unimportant meaning why would it alter time by you telling us.. “keep an eye out for so-and-so..they will rise to fame.” or something like that. we couldn’t -change- that.. & if we could..why would we want to because it’s “unimportant” in comparison to a bombing or drought or war..etc..

it is just PROOF THAT YOU’RE TRUE which you fail to provide.

you are aggravating.


Blonnie Dowden

February 13, 2001 1:14 pm
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my question(i just think you skirt around too many issues .. & by refusing to even mention something from the ‘future’ that could not be -changed- by people just gives me further evidence that you are not who you say you are.))

your response:Again, what I think is important doesn’t impress anyone and although I could point to various things I’ve said about other subjects the response is usually ho-hum tell us about music and sports. I suppose I could lie and make something up but what’s the point?

you fail to understand why i ask the silly hum-drum questions. i do not truly care what the music/hollywood will be like in 5-10 whole reason for asking the unimportant questions is because they are -unimportant-. you say that you can’t answer questions about when a natural disastor occurs..or things that can be -changed- by people to alter the way they -should- happen. so i am asking questions that can NOT be changed. someone can not change the fact that “Girly G. Hottie” is the next big name in showbusiness’.. my whole reason for asking these things is so that in 5-10 years when you’re “gone” i can say “holy bejezuz.., maybe that guy was for real!”. that would be the extent of’s not like i could -do-change- anything.. i just want to know if you’re real & you give no proof whatsoever that you’re real. even if it’s not an instantaneous realization..i would realize this when whatever you said would happen came true. i am -not- trying to be shallow w/my questions..these are no things that i -care- whether or not it’s this or that.. it’s just proof for me.

i’m beginning to think, as someone suggested – that you’re writing a book & this is all material for it. you said you didnt want us to be sheep & just -wanted- us to ask questions. so if we ask questions then you can sew up any holes you have in your story.. so it will be the tightest & most realisticly possibly sci-fi time travel story ever. i don’t like the idea that you could possibly be using all of these people & if you are *grr* shame on you.

Blonnie Dowden

February 12, 2001 9:35 pm
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i am simply going to answer many questions at once.. read above for sources.. i do not site the source of the question. i also want to note that i’m a very -unskeptical- person..i kinda have the philosophy that anything is possible .. i infact, believe that time travel does most likely exist.. but mr titor you have skirted around too many questions to be believable. someone asked why they could not find a ‘titor ‘listed in florida.. & you failed to answer that question.. here are my responses.

(a summary of a question) “he was only 3 years old would -he- know what the next big movement in music was?”

..i know that madonna was a HUGE THING in the 80’s.. yet i was only born in 81!! i know that ‘dallas’ & ‘dynasty’ & ‘falcon crest’ were big time t.v. shows then..but i was very young. why wouldn’t he know of such simple things as that? & even if he was just 3..he was 5 & 6 & up to 38 before he ‘came here’..!!

another response:
“I was alive when Desert Storm took place, do I know the month it happened? No.. I wouldn’t expect John to either. Plus, History books from that time would probably contain things about the war from 2005, possibly things leading up to the war. Not inventions like ‘Ginger’ and pop artists!

History books might mention some things, but they just give a year most of the time if it is not of grave importance, they more than less are going to just give the year and say what it did. ”

i never asked for an exact month – i asked for a rough time period. you do not need a history book to know the things that i ask – because i’m asking things that are common knowledge among -society-. in our ‘dumbed down’ society.. even the people w/the largest lack of knowledge about current events know popular things that are occuring. & if they happen to be three years old right now – don’t you think they’d say ‘well, when i was 13, -guzzenberry- was a big t.v. show’. i need no history book to know that by the time i was 5-9 she-ra dolls were a big time thing.. & they were the next rave of toys. or that ‘we didn’t start the fire’ or whatever it’s title.. was a big hit song.. if you were a person at that’d remember those sorts of silly little things.

mr titors response to my question (mine in parenthesis):

“((you couldn’t even answer the simple question of what will be the next ‘movement’ in music? just something so simple as that))

“”Unfortunately, your question is rather difficult for me. Any personal experience I might have with your worldline at a specific moment is limited to my viewpoint and age. I can’t tell you what music is popular in the next few years because the “me” here is only three years old. In addition, how does someone decide what the most popular music trend is? It would seem rather subjective to me. Thinking about it now I sort of wonder what it would be like to be a teenager now and know the answer to that question. When I was thirteen I used to worry about which shotgun slug would take a door handle off and whether or not I had any dry socks. Current fallout estimates are accurate but a bit exaggerated.”

you say popular music would be subjective..but i say: even though i am not a fan of rap music..i know it came to the forfront in the 80’s.. run dmc.. the fresh prince.. ton loc. (ok, i kinda like those bands..but the more modern day ones i care little for..).. i know that madonna for instance was on countless billboards in the 80’s & was known for her ‘sex’ driven image..michael jackson was the ‘king of pop’.. – milli vanilli -sucked- & that ‘the new kids on the block’ were a rave w/my generation.

you also say this:
“Your example of what people would do based on something I might say is accurate. However, my concern would be the potential actions of a single person, not the masses. In 1963, if I suggested that someone should watch the book depository windows as the President went by, the actions of a single person might have a huge impact on history. You also asked if I’ve visited my “past” family. That’s where I am now.”

when i ask you a question of why you can’t tell us ‘there will be an earthquake in isreal in 2010..’ or something of the such..this is not a question that someone could CHANGE. it is a natural disaster & i purposely chose that sort of a disaster so the question could not be passed by as you did in your response. however, you choose to use a different type of example rather than answer my question -directly-..

i am a basic naive that i am gullible & like to believe everything. i’ve heard of the planet ‘nibiru’ & find the theories extremely interesting & i even think it could be/might be true.. i do believe in time travel & i even think that we are perhaps being visited -now- by time travelers.. however, i don’t know if this is -true-..just a possibility.

i just think you skirt around too many issues .. & by refusing to even mention something from the ‘future’ that could not be -changed- by people just gives me further evidence that you are not who you say you are.

i apologize to be so blunt.. but you skirt around so many questions that i just find you hard to believe.

Blonnie Dowden

February 12, 2001 12:31 pm
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Kane Greene wrote:

“Another thing about people saying how John doesn’t know any World Events that are about to happen in the next few months. But you have to remember, that the last time John was in our time, assuming he hasn’t traveled back was when he was 3 years old! How many of you can honestly say you remember at-the-time important issues that happened when you were 3! I know I can’t!”

3 years old.. yes. i was 3 years old when reagan was president & i probably had no idea he even existed at the time..yet, i know now that he existed. john is not a three year old now – he’s 38 he says & unless the schools of the future teach no history then why wouldn’t he know these things? & as they are big events in history i can understand (possibly) why he wouldn’t want to post them… but it has nothing to do with his age… tell me there weren’t things that happened or people that existed when you were three.. that you didn’t know of then but know of now? the beatles for instance were alive & famous before i was ever born, yet i know they existed in the 60’s/70’s. i was born in 81 & challenger blew up soon thereafter (in 83 i think it was???) i never saw it on television happening.. but i know it happened.

what about marilyn monroe? i wasn’t even born yet when she was alive – but i know she existed? & telling us something such as her existance would not greatly affect the outcome of our entire world.. so why not tell us? i can possibly understand how telling us that there will be a horrible bombing in canada..would affect the future .. someone on here may be from canada & keep their family away from the site of the bombing .. thus, changing future.. but telling us something of little importance will NOT change the future! it will only prove he is who/what he says he is.


Blonnie Dowden

February 12, 2001 9:53 am
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another thing i do not understand.

you said in a previous post:

“I am no more able to affect your worldline than you are. Yes, I could make the changes you suggested but you must remember that there are an infinite number of worldlines out there where I didn’t and I don’t. In fact, there’s even a worldline out there where you’re the time traveler and I’m the one writing the question.

I think the war would be good for you and your society. I don’t want to stop it.

Nothing I do here will affect any other worldline. “My” original worldline will always be the same and yes I can make changes here that would make this worldline different from mine but so can you.”

from this i suppose that you mean, that yes, you could & possibly have affected our ‘worldline’.. & our worldline is different from -your- worldline.. if this is true then why do you keep telling us about the ww3..etc.. how do you know that will even -happen- in our worldline? it may have already been nipped in the bud for all you know..because ours is a different -worldline- from yours!

another thing i wanted to respond to:

“(2). To me it would seem obvious that we both have a very different perspective on what’s important right now in 2001. I would think that’s what makes our interaction interesting. Would I be anymore believable if I told you I had just stopped a horrible event and you won’t hear about it because it didn’t happen? Again, this is the second time it has come up and I am very curious. Why would you expect a time traveler to know or care about what happens in Hollywood or some individual companies profits? You seem to think I have tomorrow’s paper in front of me. Is that what time travel means to you? ”

i understand what you’re saying .. why would you care what happens in hollywood..etc.. or individual companies profits.. what you’re basically saying is you just don’t remember (or maybe you do..but you won’t tell us?).. why would you care? if you asked anyone today who, for instance: marilyn monroe is.. we would all know.. or who bill gates was & what he did for computers – we would all know. you’re insinuating that you don’t know &/or don’t care about any of these things in the future. perhaps so..but how could you POSSIBLY not know who the next big inventor is.. or what the invention is. you claim that if you told us.. we could alter it & keep it from happening. how many people do you think will be SO concerned that a -mega-super-razor- that keeps all facial hair gone for 20 days (for example).. that they want to go & stop the inventor from inventing it? & also you said, you’d be gone by the time the ‘good stuff’ happens.. ok.. isn’t that -further- better for your that you say it’s better to have us be skeptics rather than sheep? well if you told us “in 2 years, there will be an earthquake in israel”.. & you were gone by then..all we could do is say, “wow, that guy on the board in 2001 said this would happen! he was real!”.. we couldn’t -do- anything.. we couldn’t STOP the eartquake & i doubt anyone would go there & tell everyone to evacuate (and even if they did, no one would!).. it would just prove that you were -true- & existed. i can’t fathom why you can not speak of something such as that..

Blonnie Dowden

February 12, 2001 9:27 am
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please forgive me if you have already responded to a similar question – but i am a very curious person & can not wait to ask this..just incase i forget.. my question:

you say that you can not tell us when something of very little historical importance occurs.. because we may alter/change something & look to you as a phsycic of some sort. perhaps, you could mention something that will happen very soon after you’ve just left. no one will be able to contact you so what could they possibly change and/or ask you about? as someone has suggested: over time periods certain types of music run to the forfront of our society. in the early 90’s it was grunge.. now it seems to be the bubbly pop teen sensations, i.e. backstreet boys & britney spears.. you couldn’t even answer the simple question of what will be the next ‘movement’ in music? just something so simple as that.. couldn’t possibly have some profound affect on the future? & especially for just the people on this board..i have my doubts that they’d run out & “do something” about the fact that acid jazz (for instance) is the next big musical hit.. know what i mean?

more questions: dunno if you’ve been asked this, but what are the areas least affected by the ww3 bombings will probably not be able to answer that.. just going to see if you will anyway. another thing i wanted to mention was that even though you think because of one small thing you say may affect the future greatly, i assure you that 90% of the people.. will not take it seriously. so if you said: “the eastern shore will be most affected.”..i doubt that in 2012 everyone will swarm to the west. of the large population our world has.. it is very small in comparison to the population of -this-board-.. & our country is full of skeptics (which i’m sure you’ve realized).. so even if 100 people said “the eastern shore will not be affected.. a traveler from the future -said so-!!!”.. maybe 1 or 2 people would actually believe them. i think the affect you think you’d not as large as it really would be.

another: have you visited your -past- family? what city were you born in/grew up in? could you even say that so-and-so.. *an unknown person in today’s history*..”will be a big star”..etc..?

just curious