January 25, 2001 9:29 am
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Well, I don’t have much confidence in the parallel timelines (multiuniverse existance) theory of time. It makes much better sense to consider time a property of motion in the 4th dimension (axis).

But if time is indeed a 4th dimension then it is always difficult to convert that into a visual model that our brains can understand.

What if time is a property of gravity… where you fall through time at a constant rate relative to the gravity. Problem with this is that time would pass at different rates on different planets (which hasn’t been proven either way).

If you imagine yourself, and everything else on Earth, falling through time. Then Newton’s laws of motion would apply to time. If an object is falling through time it will continue falling until a force stops it. The force required to stop it (or accelerate it) is proportional to the velocity and mass. And there must be an equal and opposite reaction to motion through time.

Using this (fictional) model how would you stop someone from falling through time, or accelerate them away from it (back in time)?

You would need to understand the properties of the time-force, whether it is related to gravity fields, whether it is related directly to mass, or space.

Also this would delete the notion of parallel timelines. If one object were to be pushed into an acceleration away from the time force, then they would no longer exist in their previous position in relation to everything else that is falling. Once they are placed in a location behind the previous, and began to fall again at a constant rate. Would they, or not, be in the past? Would familiar objects be seen around? ..existing in a previous time? Becuase you have to visualize it as another plane of existance. so the other dimensions would be connected to it.

Like i said, its very hard to visualize the 4 dimensional properties. But perhaps the “falling” model will help.


January 24, 2001 9:24 am
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why are you so sure that the universe is expanding? the only evidence for a big bang is the doppler effect of the light from the surrounding stars and galaxies. What if this effect is caused, not by expansion, but by the pattern of light slowing down as it enters our galaxy.

It makes equal sense that if manipulation of space is possible, then space itself is a force occupied only within a galaxy. The goal would be to create a void within space equal to that outside the galaxy (where there would be no gravity.) This idea is based on a non-gravity universe, where gravity only exists within galaxies.

Therefore galaxies do not attract each other, and do not risk being hurled into a big bang. Instead they are freely floating in a nuetral environment where light can travel much faster between them.

Light then slows down as it enters the force of a galaxy and creates a pattern we see as the doppler effect.

This means that light speed is related only to the amount of galaxy force it is traveling through. If you create a void within the galaxy force, then light could travel faster, and then relative to that of course, would be time travel.


January 17, 2001 11:19 pm
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To Shadow…

Other species kill each other too 😛 Its all about protecting DNA lines.

To TimeTravel_0…

Can you record a quick voice message for us before you leave?


January 17, 2001 6:09 pm
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It has been fascinating to read your insights on the social flaws during this time period. Since you are not a part of this society (or at least new to it) it is more obvious for you than many of us.

Your observations strike a deep meaning with me, because I’ve spent the last 4 years writing a science fiction audio drama about the greed of humanity around the year 2000.

What disturbs me is that, yes, there are many who understand these problems of greed. Most of us know it exists, but cannot attribute the source. Some think greed is the necessary thread which tightly holds our economy together. There are the many that just accept greed as the normal way of life, even though they know there is something wrong about it. Action is never taken to fix the mindset of what money is really for.

There are always those who enjoy cheating, weaseling, and playing tricks to gain false respect. Those people thrive on knowing how to get ahead. As long as they win their steadfast race to personal satisfaction, they will always influence others. It doesn’t matter how many of us become outward, collective, and self-less… the greedy individuals will always rise.

So TimeTravel_0, having lived through the self destruction of the human race, what sort of future do you imagine after 2036? Will humans colonolize and expand through the solar system?

Or will we be forever bound to our inward existance, measuring the past, fearfull of the future.