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Chris Forrest

February 20, 2001 8:01 pm
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John Titor,


Well, I don’t buy your story. Sorry, some slang terms seem to confuse you. I don’t BELIEVE your story. I don’t pretend to know the first thing about such advanced topics as time travel, calculating a NFL quarterback rating, or the perfect temperature to cook a Hot Pocket in. Having written all that, of course I do have a question, something that will definitely tell me whether you are full of it or not.

So here goes…

There have been many movements in music…rock, disco, and hip hop are some of them. Though most people probably can’t rifle out names of musical groups from 35 years ago, they probably would have a basic awareness of what musical influences prevailed at the time. So my question is…what is the NEXT big movement in music that will take place here in the US, specifically?

I have the feeling this sort of knowledge isn’t the stuff you go to Vegas and bet on, because it’s pretty generalized and pretty vague, as well. Of course, being as simple-minded as I am, I would figure that most people your age would know at least the types of musical influences that were around as they were growing up. A direct answer will work here, if you don’t mind.