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Craig Cuthbert

February 16, 2001 10:48 am
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I think I understand. I guess you are held accountable, in some way, for changes that occur in your time period. You would know, and I guess no one else has to. Let me see if I get this. You tell me about a new cultural fad – for instance, let’s say Czech Dance Wear, becomes chic. I keep my eye on trends, and invest, in a way that benefits me, at the exclusion of someone else. OR I open a shop that begins the trend and then trend burns out sooner than it otherwise would. Then you, on your time-line, notice, when you get back, that the weekly dance at the local Youth Hall is no longer centered around Czech Bouncing, for the summer of ’36. Instead, for some quirky reason, Cowboy Line Dancing appeals to everyone for a few weeks or months during this period. Otherwise everything else remains relatively unchanged.

Please answer this question to the best of your ability to assist us. I’m a big believer in grassroots resourcefulness, and its power in creating discerning situations that test people’s willingness and ability to make their own way.

It seems to me that with the cities under such stresses, people would flock in large numbers to remote areas like Winnipeg (sorry guys) or some other region with plenty of clean water, air and soil. Why is this such a nelected fix? I would also imagine that the network of Intentional Communities (communes?) that took root over the years, would provide infrastructural support to a nation needing to find its “FOXFIRE” roots.

If I was transposed to the 1920’s or 30’s, you would have a hard time keeping me off the streets, out of public places, shops, concert halls, etc. just trying to take it all in. Ditto with just about any other time and place.

Which reminds me of an old story about the TT who saw a sign outside a restaurant that said “Breakfast served any time”. He eventually settled on eggs benedict during the Renaissance.

Craig Cuthbert

February 15, 2001 4:13 pm
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If all the idealists who have traveled the path of confronting sceptics, were laid end to end … ?they’d be better off that way?

Where are we in the universe BTW, irrespective of our relation to surrounding physical masses.

The galaxy, and us with it, is traveling at ~ 390 km/sec. The Local Group, superclusters … and on out… how fast are they traveling? With respect to what? Last time I looked at the moon there were no strings attached either. It just sort of sits out there and whirs around, kinda like we do… or at least as I do. Pretty trick, if’n anyone’s asking.

John – Ever have any oldsters (60-80 year olds) come up to you and mention past correspondences?

Take Care All!

Craig Cuthbert

February 15, 2001 11:12 am
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I also remember “The Sun Is Not Real” in which a poster had me in stitches with his theory that the present sun was switched to a holographic representation, in the late 70’s? early 80’s.

Craig Cuthbert

February 15, 2001 8:28 am
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Hi All

I can see why Mr. Titor enjoys this.

You guys are pretty passionate about your beliefs. Then again, that’s what its all about.

Going over a few of the posts, and I say that they are full of the classical – “I find it hard to believe, therefore I declare it to be impossible” – types of postulates. I can see the levels you are defining, in some cases, – and I can see that they are encompassed in possibilities you are not considering


—I find it very difficult to belive that a software tweak (hence ‘software engineers’, -software-) done to a 1975 machine could cause it to do this translation more effectively or more portably than something around even today. I find it almost impossible to believe that a tweak done by a ‘software engineer’ in 1975 could provide for you something that you could find at no other place between now and ‘your time’, and certainly without having to make a stop-over in our time to get back that far. —

Also, Ryan – I think John has provided some explanation regarding how positionings are affected by the mass and gravity of known OBJECTS. I would have to study the posts a little more carefully, though I would say that the variables used in computing projected postionings, rely heavily on detecting these known masses as opposed to trying to figure out where they would end up in space (and time).

One of the first assumptions I would discard is that physics suppositions are “either/or” proposals. My view (with a few years under my belt), is that things work more fluidly than that.

In viewing the following models take into consideration that the degrees I am talking about, are minuscule with respect to their effects on human activity – that’s why the “10%-15%” divergence over some 60 years, sounds OK to me.

If you looked at a weather system of HIGH and LOW pressures, and fronts, you would see isobaric “circles” that delineate common weather areas. Correlate these fields, as local “areas” or “eras” of time. Again the differences regarding how fast time “moves” in these “circles”, would be slight and perhaps unnoticeable. They would be enough, though, to provide “circles of common interaction” and (significantly, I believe), would also provide some sort of common playing field or “fabric” – for all the individuals within that area. Moving into other regions or circles, would be fluid transistions (as opposed to “either/or” transistions). I believe such a move would also precipitate new experiences. You might then have to deal with, what Terrence McKenna termed “DEGREES OF NOVELTY AND HABIT”. Moving into other “topographical areas”, you would also have to “shift gears” … your “sense of timing” would be a bit off, until you either found some groove of activity that you could fall into, or until you could create new ways of “being” and acting, to handle the new circumstances. The effects of novelty could be noticed in little things like misteps and mistakes, or unintended synchronicities that might seem to alter your path. The effects of falling into normal routines would soon cause your new environment to loose its “newness”.

Similarly, a geo-topological map (rings of altitudes) works the same in depicting (minor) GRAVITATIONAL fields. Again, I would think the degrees in gravitational differences, would be unnoticeably present, though present non-the-less.

Within these geographical “circles” of time, and gravitational pulls, people work out certain local and global destinies and intentions. These then cumulate into cultural topologies.

Given this model, the “degrees of separation” can only have extended effects depending on the interactivities of field compontents (you and me, or even other living things). John’s interactions on these boards probably have little effect on what’s going on in a small school room in the Ukraine, or a in hospital grieving area outside of Tokyo, at this very moment. They might have more of an effect on how you handle you’re work day after spending a morning reading posts, though. They might even have an effect on how a co-worker or fellow commuter handles their evening after they’ve been around you.

Discussions regarding such potential realities do seem to be a good way to get people to think – Its about time, after all <g>.

Craig Cuthbert

February 15, 2001 1:09 am
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Well John, I imagine you are here gathering technology for the forces of “Good” – or at least for the forces of just plain old decent folk doing the best they know how.

Today’s news stories

“In a news report reminiscent of the days of the old USSR, Pravda recently claimed that Pres. Bush’s National Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, made belligerent comments about Russia to the magazine El Figaro. Only problem: Rice was never interviewed with El Figaro. Rice’s office tells most of the claims made in the reports were fabricated.”

Any idea whose provoking this?

…and this one

“MOSCOW –– The Russian military held air exercises near Norway and Japan on Wednesday, forcing fighter jets in both countries to scramble and eliciting a strong protest from Japan, which said the planes violated its airspace.

Japan’s Foreign Ministry called in a Russian diplomat to protest and the defense agency said the Russian military planes violated Japanese airspace twice.

“Russia has sharply increased test flights of its planes since NATO’s campaign in Kosovo,” said Alexander Pikayev, a military analyst at the Carnegie Endowment’s Moscow office. “The military wants to show that it’s too early to write Russia off.”

“Whether they violated airspace of not, that’s not the key thing,” said Pavel Felgenhauer, an independent military analyst. “They were demonstrating the rebirth of Russia’s military might.”

Pikayev said Wednesday’s exercises may also be a response to recent signals from Washington that Russia no longer occupies a privileged place in U.S. foreign policy.


I got about 70-80% of your dimension ripping tutorial, BTW. Thanks

Craig Cuthbert

February 13, 2001 3:51 pm
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This is getting just …weird …enough.

John Titor – Are you being obtuse about Bonnie’s inquiries for more personal reasons? Her logic is pretty sound, and you’re avoiding discussing some of the things that people naturally find curious about other cultures. If I was traveling in any other cultural setting, I would want to know about … The Culture. What kind of music is popular, what kind of recreation is enjoyable, what holidays are important…

Being a bit coy, I would say, for someone who’s been through the rigors of such heavy historical dramas. My guess is that there are some simple folk songs that people find some pleasure in hearing, in the future (especially after cultural destabilizing events).

Do you feel some pleasure in breathing clean air and not having to check a geiger counter every few miles?

Are there people in this time period who are hip (aware) of Time Travelers and who accept you as one? I would imagine there are folk in our time, who travel in different circles (out of the mainstream), who have some money and/or some power, and who know things that the rest of us do not. Are you, or others, in touch with people like that? How ARE you financing things?

And if this is NOT for real, working that tongue a little harder ‘gainst the edge of your cheek – for the rest of us simpletons, could earn you some game points.

Craig Cuthbert

February 12, 2001 8:07 pm
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Well it was fun while it lasted. Still haven’t read the archive of posts of the mentioned board, though, sheep that I am, I’ll have to take your word for it. (until I get time to read up). What were the points that stuck out, Javier?

(I do believe in ghosts, I do believe in ghosts, I do, I do …. and on)

Craig Cuthbert

February 9, 2001 12:33 pm
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I would say if this is all legit – and I’m leaning that way as I would rather it be, and I have nothing at stake – that the whole issue is very much about divergence. Onb certain levels divergences matter very little. For instance, did it really matter whether you got gas, last Thurs., at an AMPM (amp ’em) or a Chevromn Quik Mart? If a timeline was altered and on a new line you found yourself gassing up at a Texaco Food Mart AFTER you went to the Library, as opposed the AM/PM (amp ’em) before you went to the school board meeting – would it matter? Suppose you went back in time and suggested to your bonehead cousin that he should get a job at the new service center down the street. And he met some girl there, they got married and now you get to visit them once every year in LAs Vegas? Suppose you suggested he try telemarketing at 1 800 RIGHT-IN-THE MIDDLE-OF-DINNER and he lasted 3.5 weeks and then found a job in Vegas dealing cards and then met some girl there. I guess my point is that different divergences have different “loads” of importance.

Enough … though true freedom means looking at these consequences on a more continual basis than one would have if one were used to a more routinized existence. I find this whole topic of divergence to be the more intriguing topic (though I would like to know what Chinese pop culture will look like.

Craig Cuthbert

February 8, 2001 1:22 pm
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“Buying a Story” means “I don’t buy what you’re selling”. It’s a reaction to a preoccupation we have with issues of “Trust” …because we have so many interactions with “others” i.e. people who aren’t a part of our immediate inner circles. There’s a wariness that “another” is deceiving us in some manner, either to con us (gain our confidence for some gain – possibly financial) or work their way into our inner circles and cause some form of havoc. Therefore their story is up for judgement as to whether it is worth “banking on”. EG – You may think you could have some sort or beneficial effect by telling people how things may turn out in the future? Don’t bank on it.

Art Bell use to have an archive of the night that he had an open line for Time Travelers. I have to say that much of what I listened to, rang true with my own “prophetic” thoughts.

So, this enemy that was attacked in the US by Russia, was it Islamic in nature?

What it IT (Ginger)? The buzz is that it revolutionizes transportation. What change happened in the early ’00s that relates to this?

I want to get into the Automated Home technologies business. Any suggestions? Please e-mail me 🙂

Craig Cuthbert

February 6, 2001 6:05 am
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I’m trying to figure out why I haven’t seen Mike Kolesnik’s name in any of the esteemed journals that debate Time Travel. You know, the one’s chaired by graduates of MIT, Princeton, Yale, Stanford…? Surely having the answers to the nature of *”reality” would be worth pursuing with others whose careers are based on research. Isn’t this the same type of reasoning used by debunkers against anything THEY find unreasonable?

C’mon Mike, unsnit those panties and ask yourself why you care whether this is true or not.

AS far as Mr. Titor is concerned … How do you finance your excursion? I would venture its not totally on the level with current financial accounting procedures.

That said, I apologize, though I feel I have to withhold some of my investigative curiosities, as I have a niece who is exactly your age and I could sense the possibility of a confluence that at this point which could precipitate greater than expected divergences.

Around the mid-nineties I came to my conclusion re: the “isobaric” nature of both gravity and time. Like anything, I suspect the gradients involved are miniscule by our finite standards, though 10% or 15% divergence over 60 years sounds about right.

* “There are NO “alternate worldlines” There are ONLY Possibilities and Probabilities. One of the Possibilities MAY occur and, one and ONLY one of the Probabilities WILL occur. There are NO multiple worldlines, histories, or whatever occuring at this or any time. There are no proven, half-proven, or .001% proven data for multiple Earths.”