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February 2, 2001 7:20 pm
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James wrote “John, I applaud your story. It would make for a great book or Hollywood movie.”

James. it did ! good prediction from one remote viewer. [ IT, the movez: was popularized in late 20th century good returns at the box office and widely circulated on illegal DVD discs . Just before the lights went out in 2001 it played to appreciative audiences in LA & NY.

John, I been thinking about the “fission” trip and wanted to tell you about one of my favorite places. I always try and land on the Shell Mound just north of Cedar Key every so many seconds.
For some reason it always works. Minimal distortion. Maybe its because the People have eaten oysters on this spot of 10 x 4 years or maybe more if one believes the Miami Circle evidence. Why just the other day some neighbors were burning some ol’ logs they got out of the drying up lake bed and you know what ? The arch*e*olo*gee people landed like ***** on **** and wanted to know what the ++++ they were doing burning thousand year old native american dug out canoes for to keep warm. in the oil crisis.
They said a “little child” had told them to do it. Noonans Lake. General Noonan was only there for ten days during the last Civil War. The People enjoyed this land for many many many moons. Go figure. 10 days 10,000 years. is this a log factor ?

You could send me the current GPS co ordinates for where I’m talking about and also set your cessium clock to remind you where to meet up in 2036. Since you been there and done that I will let you pick a day. My birthday for example.

note that I have email and am a real person, unlike some journalists you may have encountered.

You all come on over and visit while I’m here. grant

PS Maybe the only place [bicycle distance] in 1976 to go for computer tech was either U.F. Gainesville or up Tallahassee way. You know, where the high energy magnetics lab is located? In 1976 you would have maybe dealt with NERD*c or some such entity. Welcome back.

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Grant Nelson

February 1, 2001 7:21 pm
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John, you are right about the significance of the 5100 so I tend to believe most of what you say about the near future will also come to pass in my personal time line.

I propose a little experiment.

I will come look you up if I happen to be in Florida in 2036 and we can talk computers or go fishing.

PS Next time somebody asks which team won a particular game just tell ’em it was the one that scored the most points.