Jeffery Birks

February 13, 2001 5:39 pm
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I spotted few typing errors in Johns comments so I will assume that he has had an average education by our standards. There are better questions than those posed, ones which he should find easier to answer, but for anyone else would be much harder;

1. Name the immediate political succeosor’s to George Bush and Tony Blair.

2. Name any human being/animal/invention which became famous from obscurity prior to today (This is really easy, just name anyone who shot to fame for anything – provided they are completly unknown now, and that it happens soon).

3. Name any near future shock event that makes history – political assasinations, inventions, marriages etc, same rules – it should happen soon with nobody having a clue it was about to happen (exept maybe time-travellers).

4. If you are older than 36 then there should be 2 of you here right now. You would both possess the same basic fingerprints and DNA. If you really want to prove your case then meet up with your younger self and get some police evidence.