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February 12, 2001 3:49 pm
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John, I have a few more questions. These ones are more about the ‘War’, and the state of your world.

(1) Who is the Major Super Power?

(2) Are the two political parties still Republicans and Democrats?

(3) How many States are there?

(4) Which states get the worst?

(5) Were only cities along the Eastern Sea port hit in the Nuclear War, or all over the country?

(6) Do companys like Microsoft, Yahoo!, and other internet software companys still exist?

(7) Does money look alot different than it does now? If you have a picture, could you please upload it and post the link!

(8) So then when you time travel you can never actually go back to the EXACT same place you left from?

(9) Was alot of the United States’ 18-24 age group slaughtered in the war because of Draft?

(10)Do you ever get visitors from later time periods to 2036?

(11) Are there any other companys, besides the one you work for that have TTs and send them out regularly?

(12) Does the government know there is TT going on?

(13) Why were YOU selected to be a TT? What gave you special qualifications?

(14) How many TTs are there on the team that you are on? How do new recruits get selected?

(15) What all countrys are on our side in the war? What all countrys are on the oposite side?

(16) Which country gets the worst in the war?

Those are just a few more I came up with , I will let you know if I think of more!

Kane Greene

February 12, 2001 12:45 pm
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By Blonnie:
“3 years old.. yes. i was 3 years old when reagan was president & i probably had no idea he even existed at the time..yet, i know now that he existed. john is not a three year old now – he’s 38 he says & unless the schools of the future teach no history then why wouldn’t he know these things? & as they are big events in history i can understand (possibly) why he wouldn’t want to post them… but it has nothing to do with his age… tell me there weren’t things that happened or people that existed when you were three.. that you didn’t know of then but know of now? the beatles for instance were alive & famous before i was ever born, yet i know they existed in the 60’s/70’s. i was born in 81 & challenger blew up soon thereafter (in 83 i think it was???) i never saw it on television happening.. but i know it happened.

what about marilyn monroe? i wasn’t even born yet when she was alive – but i know she existed? & telling us something such as her existance would not greatly affect the outcome of our entire world.. so why not tell us? i can possibly understand how telling us that there will be a horrible bombing in canada..would affect the future .. someone on here may be from canada & keep their family away from the site of the bombing .. thus, changing future.. but telling us something of little importance will NOT change the future! it will only prove he is who/what he says he is. ”

I was alive when Desert Storm took place, do I know the month it happened? No.. I wouldn’t expect John to either. Plus, History books from that time would probably contain things about the war from 2005, possibly things leading up to the war. Not inventions like ‘Ginger’ and pop artists!

History books might mention some things, but they just give a year most of the time if it is not of grave importance, they more than less are going to just give the year and say what it did.

Blah! Why can’t vBulletin have the quote feature like the better, UBB? Blah!

Kane Greene

February 12, 2001 12:14 pm
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I have read these threads and that web site you directed us all too on the first page. When first approaching this thread, I was expecting something to be comical, just some guy who would admit a page later that it was a joke. He would do that because he would not know how to answer questions or slip up, something in which you haven’t done! I am extremely surprised! With each reply you have, the more and more I think you could be possibly telling the truth.

Some things in John’s defense to think of before being so harsh. Say you were back in 1900, and you mentioned something about us going to the moon. What do you think the response would have been? You probably would have been thought crazy, or a drunk! That is kinda in relation to what is going on now, we are not familiar or have no knowledge of Time Travel actually happening before this.

Another thing about people saying how John doesn’t know any World Events that are about to happen in the next few months. But you have to remember, that the last time John was in our time, assuming he hasn’t traveled back was when he was 3 years old! How many of you can honestly say you remember at-the-time important issues that happened when you were 3! I know I can’t!

John, now, I would like to ask you a few things I am curious about! This is something I have found to be very interesting and could possibly believe you!

(1)Have you ever went on any other time traveling missions? If so, what were they?

(2)I believe you said you had pictures of your time machine, could you post a link to uploaded images?

(3)If you have any pictures of the IBM computer you were susposed to get, could you post a link to them also?

(4)I looked up the name ‘Titor’ in the state of Flordia on 555-1212.com and couldn’t find ANY Titors, is your family not listed in the phone book?

(5)Can I contact you through any other means of online communications? Like AOL Instant Messagner? ICQ? MSN? Something so I can have a conversation with you! But if you don’t have those, could you possibly consider downloading one of them, http://www.AIM.com, http://www.ICQ.com. And then emailing me your user name [email protected] , thanks!

(6)What is the specific Date that the Nuclear war starts? If you can’t remember the exact date, could you put the month at least? An estimate!

(7)What is the speed of the average computer in the future? I am assuming it is in ghZ, if it is higher, could you post the name of that hZ measurement and its relation to the ghZ?

(8)Can you do your own Time Traveling ventures whenever you want? If so, how much does it cost? Or can you make ‘pit stops’ along the way back to 2036?

(9)Have you ever went past your future, like to 2050 or somewhere around there? If so, what is the world like then?

Also, someone said why does he think that there will be a WW3 in our world since it isn’t the same as his. Well, John said that there is a 2.5% difference from our world and his, that isn’t that much of a difference, so a WW3 is very likely to happen if what he says is true and there is only that much of a difference!