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February 6, 2001 4:05 am
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Dear Mike Kolesnik,

Either you are a person who knows about time travel in the flesh so to speak or you contradict yourself by making out hat you do. You have challenged John Titor into revealing specific answers which you claim to have current knowledge of. Further you make yourself out to be some kind of ‘saviour’ wondering if any of us require ‘saving’ so long as we meet your expectations of us. Even more you state there are contradictions in John’s writing.

Personally I don’t need saving from you and in fact I am not following lines of gullability. Rather I too have asked direct questions and placed challenges to all time travelers.

Further, any segmented regular writing of this nature on any BBS will create natural discrepencies – even I suspect in your own and mine to boot. Such is life in the slow lane with us mere mortals.

Please place here you seal of Godliness incarnate for others to marvel at and rather than attack others (which is not in keeping with fair play) please feel free to join our quest for knowledge… which I suspect you are attempting to do in a rather vicious manner.

God bless and may knowledge strike us like a wet fish soon !

Kevin Spooner

February 5, 2001 1:28 am
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Really? If you do not believe in Time travel then I suggest for discussion that you CHOOSE not to believe. Do you believe in ET’s or UFO’s – choices. Do you believe that the rest of the world or the known universe exists – choices. Do you believe you were born of sin – choices. You choose not to believe – this is not the same as the ability for it to exist.

Ah then the critic would say… ok TT… demonstrate. Yes I’d love a demonstration – but more – the specifics on its design and a guide on correct ethics and use. I have not seen a Time Travel device that I am aware of – but that does not mean I do not believe – especially in the potential.

All things can be created, all things can be – the difference is I chose not to make the choice of yes or no – I believe or I don’t until it slaps me like a wet fish.

And where is our venerable TT John T? Hope you are well friend – and yes, I was very serious about ethics and technology. But alas, all requests have met with zero in my hands to work with. But still – I choose to be patient.

Kevin Spooner

February 4, 2001 11:37 pm
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But then I suppose anyone dealing in transvectoring across multiple timeflows eventually crosses itself in the fore or aft directions. We know that time is a maleable product and so too are the options of this linear flow. So then… if that is the case how could one establish that *this* timeline is *the* prime and all the others are variants that may cross on periods like a biorhythym. More I suspect they are all prime in and of themselves and we simply have attached to this particular one.

Personally I like the Spiritualist ideal of pre-physical choice – I chose to be here, I chose this existence, extending that to…I chose this timeline. Maybe also their perspective of being a part of God within their own makeup to the extent of being able to choose futures is also evident – how do you know you have not cognitely chosen your personal direction a billion times and not even realised at this moment all the choices you have made along time to get to this point thus far.

Its a bit like realising that what to Spirit are Spiritual powers is in the weaker sense to the Physical (us) with its Psychic powers… we only know so much but in the Spiritual worlds we know so much more… consciousness expansion.

Just my tuppence inbetween our venerable TT’s absence. Cheers all.

Kevin Spooner

February 2, 2001 4:03 am
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And I just loved wasting my time looking at how to be informed about cannibis… wanna try again? Perhaps check the link?

Kevin Spooner

February 1, 2001 4:58 am
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I’m pleased to see certain persons take little offence and in fact upon re-reading my posts recently I have noticed they don’t read as intended – I am for the record pleasant but usually quiet company! Sorry if I upset you (I hope not.)Dear God… please hurry up and make these computers write not what is typed… but what is meant…. hmm.

I have a natural inquisitive mind and enjoy and technical challenges. I am also a Spiritualist and to that end enjoy both spirit and mind… which is why I for one am naturally curious about the future, time travel, parallel universes, and spiritual matters. I believe that most people visiting this site do so for a mixture of reasons – including the DESIRE to know.

You mentioned previously the year 2008 – what’s significant given your observed 2.5% difference between this time line and your own?

You mentioned a certain model (204) travel unit – what is the source of power and what type of ‘engine’ is used?

If as you claimed, most of the requisite information has been around since 1970’s – and yet time travel is not public until ? 2045… why is it that a time traveller can not divulge design information that would demonstrate its reality. Are there missing common elements/materials yet to be discovered or engineered?

Kevin Spooner

January 31, 2001 2:14 am
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Galvanisation is something occasionally found on a packet of building-grade nails (like ‘galvanised flathead’) But with the lack of tangible evidence I’m thinking of shifting my belief in just what (or who) should be termed galvanised?

I have not seen a constructively frameworked document outlining required ethics which any trained TT would of necessity agree to. I have not seen a TT willing to forward a single piece of physical time travel device to this particular technician since first posting anything over five years ago. I have not heard of any governing declaration of use for TT devices from the future.

I have seen ‘interesting’ crude pictures, photo’s of items with curly cords and really pre-1990 style equipment with perchance a few common dials, needles, and circuits in probably arc-welded metal boxes. I have seen diagrams, descriptions, interpretations, crude ‘make your own’ manuals, and the like – and yet nothing, not one iota of anything that could without question come from some future.

I am not p***ed off – not yet. I am calm (breathe man breathe!) and wait in anticipation of some correct answers to some simple questions and for goodness sake… some undoubtable proof. Then – only then – would constructive discussion really begin.

Kevin Spooner

January 30, 2001 12:36 pm
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Ah… the war. Now that’s interesting. Is it worth mentioning the visions I observed in this or similar respect?

Now as to answering my previous post… I simply placed a task there that if done would not alter my time-line but for sure answer one thing – I believe in the reality of Alien technology as I was one of several verifiable people to OBSERVE the same occurence. I believe in astral/spiritual travel as a person who has done so and spoken to others of the same. I believe in the potential of time travel BUT have not received anything that would make me properly convinced yet.

But then… perchance I missed some other posts prior to this BBS (although I did on ocassion read the old system when it was active.)

You tell of war… and your desire to study the inhabitants of this time-line prior to ‘the war’. Is the general population more interested in (a) mind-baffling time-travel technology, or (b) the events and observances of a time-traveller? A bit of both perhaps?

Care to shed some light on your view on ‘The War’ and why it is that technology appears to have gone – or become the seclusive property of controlling authorities? Interesting. I note also the American Computer Corporation announcing an alternative storage/processing system 12,000 times faster than current systems…apparently by non-human intelligence. Now as a technician, that IS interesting but of the apparent 3,000 the director sent out…. wonder if there’s one left for a genuine techo to study?

Kevin Spooner

January 30, 2001 4:57 am
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I can understand the ethics at hand here quite well. If you know, for instance, that someone is going to have a fatal accident, or meet with an unpleasant incident at a specific time, would you tell them the specifics? I wouldn’t. If you knew when Microsoft was going to break, or where the next and largest ever earthquake was to hit – would you tell? There is the matter of ethics indeed. Who want to force life-changes that are not natural to their path? Paths which intermingle with all other life, indeed creation played out on this earth. No indeed you wouldn’t.

Yet if a person already knew, as I do, that they are in the history books, as I am, but not known widely or available within the community yet – there is a simple challenge. And no – I am not talking from any egotistical sense – just one of knowing. However, whether time travellers wish to demonstrate based on the above is up to them. I would certainly be forthright in my confirmation to them (private email is allowed given the circumstances.)

But gentlemen and ladies… it also seems that certain ‘time travellers’ traverse linear time whereas others appear to travel cross-dimensionally. Interesting and one worth discussion.

I personally challenge said time traveller(s) to demonstrate their proof by confirming to me what is already known to me as per my own history but not yet in public circulation.

And I should add given that scenario – you can not bend or manipulate my future path because you would not be telling me anything I did not already know. Fun aye ???

Kevin Spooner

January 29, 2001 2:45 am
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I visited your web page and it immediately struck me with those “photo’s” you claimed to have put there or made available or believe in… mind if I ask something to clear my logical thinking mind…

Why is it, given that laser printers etc can print up to 2,400cpi, (or at least 600cpi) and pictures can be scanned at god only knows what (9,600+cpi) why your text and graphics appear to be 1950’s reproduction of a faint typewriter in need of a ribbon replacement (God I havn’t used the word ‘Ribbon’ since…. hmmm.)

And then there’s the fact that given the obvious typewriter appearance, the ‘text’ sure wasn’t made in 2036.

Oh… please don’t use the “oh – technology went by the board by then.” approach cause it won’t stick.

Please understand that I have examined time travel and parallel world theories extensively and therefore only seek to clarify these points with you.

Kevin Spooner

January 28, 2001 3:23 am
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Just an obviously curious note: If you were returning from the 1970’s to 2036 (um that’s 66 years)…. and you are using a time-travel machine…. why on earth would you just per chance stop in 2001? Let alone have a web page.

Answer welcome – I didn’t know time travel had resting stops between scheduled trips? Hey – I’m not going to disbelieve on that basis, just curious.