Melinda Floyd

January 31, 2001 10:50 am
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Of course I only speak for myself, but I think it’s irrelevant and pointless to argue whether or not this man is a Time Traveler or not. This thread sure beats anything else on the BBS right now, and it doesn’t matter if what John is claiming is fact, a hypothetical exercise or pure BS. He’s raised some very interesting points that I think would be beneficial for discussion:

1) Civil War–considering the current political climate of our country, this is feasible. Figuring in the pervading apathy regarding what has happened in the last couple of months (the serious implications should have at least ‘clicked’ by now), I think something much more drastic would have to happen to get Americans off their couches and away from their TV’s (or computers) in order to fight for ANYTHING.
2) Mass Production–I was thinking the other day how much we waste in this country via mass production. I was in a store standing in front of a wall covered with utterly useless ‘stuff’ and the absurdity of it struck me so much I had to laugh. I’ve always admired Gandhi’s belief in doing away with industrializing India in favor of keeping to a much smaller (but more widely spread among the people) production of textiles (ie; ‘craftsmen’).
3) Ethics and Holistic thinking–shouldn’t the more prosperous lend a helping hand to those in less fortunate circumstances, and shouldn’t this be done worldwide? I know we in America have allowed ourselves to be lied to regarding what is important and what is not. We seem to be more valued in this society for what kind of, and how many material possessions we accumulate than for the intangible/non-material but longer lasting treasures we might possess.
4) Anything is possible. Why not? If you think for yourself, someone like John shouldn’t be a threat. Haven’t you had ‘futuristic’ dreams? Do you suspect that you are living in other timelines or ‘realities’–some very similar, some so different that you don’t even have a frame of reference in order to understand them with? Do you remember doing this particular incarnation millions of times before? Is sanity just too boring for you?=)

Anyways, I only briefly touched on some of the things John has brought up in his posts (and from the link he posted). Yeah John, I’d like to discuss what ethics and the human condition would be like in the future.