January 22, 2001 9:48 am
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Does it look like i just jumped right in and answered?
i barely have enough time these days!

Followers?! “As if he was some God?”

I gotta tell you Javier.C, you sound as if you want the entire world to know how much you hate time travel and anyone from there.
Well, guess what. Your a time traveller too.

Think about it.

Just because someone comes from a few years in front doesn’t mean you have to slam them into oblivion. What if i was a T.traveller and i came from 3 seconds into the future?
What then? Would you still “Fight for its preservation?” then?

These days,you dont know what to believe anymore. If he is from 2036 and there is a war coming , Im sorry but you’ll be eating your words. On the other side, if T-T-O is full of it and is only here to promote this forum’s hits well then i stand corrected.

T-T-O is not my friend, nor does he wish to be. Weve never seen each other and probably never will. Anyway, with the information he has given us, i guess the damage has already been done for all of us wouldn’t you agree??

I take in oppinions, equations, theories and any information regarding any subject and formulate my own thoughts on the given subject. I dont think he is a God for giving this information, heck, he could be an employee of the U.S government here to find out what the population thinks of T.T! We could all be test subjects. Who’s to say we are not?

If time travel is possible ten million years from now, it will still be possible. Who is to say that humans are not visiting this exact time? You can’t stop time travel, it is inevitable.




January 16, 2001 11:02 pm
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To T-T-A,

Let me just say this.

Even before you came here criticizing this foumn and T-T-O , i was here from the beginning, asking the same questions. I have been watching this forumn and watching the same questions being repeated over and over to T-T-O…..

He doesn’t answer your questions because there is no reason to. Read back and you’ll see what i mean. He/She has told us before to read his previous posts for answers and yes, there they are.

To R-Grunt, Could you please, in future ,write your answers in paragraphs?
Much easier to read, I might say. Thank you.



January 7, 2001 8:53 pm
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To T-T-A

Im in though i will have to decide “For” or “Against” i shall message you when i have an answer.

Sidenote No.2—–Gullible or Open minded?

Makeing a long story short:— OPEN MINDED
(Take in the information given,opinions of others,your own opinion, throw in a few theories, Quotes and more information, and go from there!) Naturally there is more to that but the basics are there. Its all about the scientifics. Who would have thought that we could clone animals? Whats to stop us Cloning people?(As you may have heard)



January 4, 2001 5:28 am
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To Juanito,

My friend i know where your coming from…

I’ve had a …erm…falling out with T-T-0 in the past as you have no doubt seen if you have read the past messages.

Let me say one thing, He knows what he’s talking about.

More than everyone else on this board i might add, aside from perhaps the moderators!!

Or else why would people be asking him so many questions about theories and things wev’e only dreamed about. Perhaps your right, perhaps he is only trying to open our eyes. But do you act on the information he has given us or do you dismiss it as pure fantasy? Open your eyes and think about what he has to say! I did and so did everyone else who post or even read this board

A sidenote… Rgrunt, what happened to your blackhole contraption?


P. Light


December 30, 2000 1:10 am
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To Anyone reading this…
What happened to the man of the moment T-T-0?!

All of a sudden i come back to check on the state of the nation and i find all you people talking about “great floods” and carbon dating! LOL!

Quite ammusing!

Anyhoo…it would be nice if we focus on the topic people! :smile.gif: