Roy Meserve

February 17, 2001 11:13 am
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Thanks for your reply. Yes, unfortunately Hawai’i is quite
tied to the fate of the mainland US in major ways. Efforts
at some amicable sovereignty are halting or stillborn.
Just wanted to recommend a book I think might tell you volumes about present macro socio-economic conditions that
lay the foundation for the evolving political divisions you
state lead to a civil war in the US in the near future.
The book is “When Corporations Rule the World” by John C. Korten.
While certainly not the only important work or view of this
present paradigm, behind the ‘sturm und drang’ of partisan
noise and distraction, this well-written and researched book
by a dedicated veteran of more than 30 years abroad in var-
ious aid and developmental programs aimed at Third world areas, squarely focuses on the escalating comglomeration of
power and money increasingly in the hands of the few and the
resulting loss of control over individual and community autonomy. Now, in the twilight of the 21st century, this locus of capital, political influence and media control is taking on a life of its own, out of the control of even those at the top of the command heirarchy, with concommitant
social decline, rampant environmental degradation, and of course the threat of war as a means both of deflection of attention on the real problem, and further dividing and conquering to consolidate ever more power. No black hats and white hats, per se, but more the result of unthinking accep-
tance of a certain economic model at the root.
This is why I feel there is a kind of inevitability to some
sort of wrenching change, whether or not it follows ‘your’
probable outcome. Another older book by a similar ‘dissoc-
iated’ entity that might interest you is “The Nature of Per-
sonal Reality” by Jane Roberts (circa 1979-80). From a ghost
no less! Both can be found at the public library, but are worth perusal. Submitted humbly in the spirit of apocalypse
or (Greek)- ‘unveiling’….



Roy Meserve

February 13, 2001 6:43 pm
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A most compelling story and an interesting person. I am no
scientist so cannot question adequately the physics invol-
ved in such endeavors- but I could not understand Al Bielek
and his recounting of the science behind the Montauk episode
either, but I know he was telling the truth. For those int-
ersted, from that interview and Mr Bielek’s book, I fully believe time and space travel exists,(since 1983) although under exactly whose aegis I do not presume to know.
And your socio/eco/political comments about our present state and its fate are eminently believable and highly likely.
I would hope that the paradise I live in would somehow be spared (the Hawaiian Islands) but I suspect it would not be spared as a strategic target for obvious reasons. Indeed, in general terms I understand innately for myself why these things must come to pass. May God have mercy on our souls.

Thanks for your own curiosity and courage. I wish you and your family only the best…for all time.

R.C. Meserve
[email protected]