Searcher of Truth

November 12, 2000 10:22 am
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Time travel_0,
I followed the link to your pictures and if time travel is not a secret in your “time” then why do the top of your pictures say “restricted file”??
Have you considered the possible adverse consequences the person might face that you had post them for you since you remain covert? or don’t you care since it is not your world line. what about the people that read the information and attempt to build one? what if they get injured in the process because they are not knowledgeable enough to handle the forces they are playing with at this “time”.
what is your true purpose for posting assumingly “restricted” government documents on a public bulletin board where everyone can see it?
Did your Unit Commander authorize such a thing or is it something you decided to do completely on your own?
Have you considered your actions and probable outcome carefully?