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November 25, 2000 2:44 pm
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to TT_0 and the currious

The fact that better equipment is supposed to get the reverse-time traveler closer to their actual past indicates that there is an ACTUAL SPECIFIC past that he is aiming for. So if in practical application the traveler ends up 2% divergent upon arrival in the past and if he stays in that line he finds that it is not a line at all, but that going forward, divergence approches infinity. If this is so, the only way to get back to ones’ original future is to have left some kind of specified object or condition there as a marker. Reverse time divergence is an artifact of the machine you use and not a built in natural law of physics.

In this idea the past is exactly behind you and the future is always and litterally “right around the corner”, It also suggests that the self is fractionalized over several to many parallel time lines eventhough we may only *realize* one line at once. Organic psyche may be what LIMITS divergence (of time lines). Also if this theory is correct we may be 2% divergent from TT_0 but going forward in this time line he is 98% divergent from us. My logic is pretty good here, how’s my facts?

BTW Someone just gave me a working IBM 5160. Should I save it or toss it?


November 22, 2000 7:13 pm
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Leader of a troup of time traveling Irish Army ants:

If you see him
It ain’t ’em, but “EM”


November 21, 2000 10:47 am
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To: TimeTravel_0

Has the mystery of UFO’s been solved by 2036? Crop circles? I figure it is all “paralell worlder” stuff but is anything specific been determined?
The one way questioning going on here is mosty because you already know lots more about us than we can ever know about you.

Let us know when you plan to check out.


November 21, 2000 10:37 am
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To: TimeTravel_0

Refer to post above…….forgot to stick your name on it again.


November 21, 2000 10:17 am
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Think, think, think, what major disaster didn’t happen last year. No y2k computer meltdown! Are you intimating that your people fiddled with time and saved us from that one? If so how could I complain other than to say that MY y2k preperations in themselves have turned into a MAJOR PERSONAL disaster that continues to this day. Ky-sur-sur-rah, ay?

Reading your posts I get conflicting ideas about what effect our timeline has on yours. Didn’t you say that “another you” was here now as a two year old child? Is the ‘Everret Many Worlds’ interpretation of quantum mechanics it the correct one then? You seem to look at us as represenative of your ACTUAL predicessors. There is something a bit unnerving about that. In fact the main reason why I think you might be genuine is that I have trouble thinking LIKE you do. I would expect this of an encounter with a “Chrono-alien”.

It seems to me that there would be some effect from one parallel world to another. Therefore what you do in this time line would have at least INDIRECT consequences in all future lines. The idea of many time lines I can ‘get’, but infinite ones? Perhaps on the parallel axis they just keep getting more different until they are seen as completly different alien worlds.

Is it possible to communicate between times and parallel worlds without physically going to them? Im getting a little sick of talking to myself…ha ha ..(.I think).

So we are all lazy and selfish around these times. Not exactly a news flash bud. Oh, did I leave out ignorant too? Hey it fits the profile. The word you are looking for however is POWERLESS. That is why we now, in general don’t give a flying crap about what goes on. There ain’t nothing we can do about it aside getting out teeth kicked in for tyring.

Let me put it this way. The wrong people got all the money……already. The rest of us are mostly concentrating on not starving or freezing to death. What do you want anyway? The disaster you have suffered in your time (and ours to come I suppose) got its start long long before today. We were warned decades ago……yeah now I see your point.


November 21, 2000 7:29 am
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Dr. Light,

There is a thin line between question and accusation. I’m pretty sure TT-O DOES NOT check in here seeking abuse or accusal.

The reason this board is here is to determine the the plausabiliy and possible usability of time travel. If there is no such thing, or even the perception that there is no time travel and no time travelers then we need to unplug this board and for all of us to ‘go home’.

The point is not is Mr. TT-O for real but rather is what we THINK we are doing here for real.

As TT-O says how we take care of our own time line IS OUR BUSINESS. Doing so in stark ignorance can lead to problems for those who put a priority on getting through the day alive.


November 17, 2000 4:12 pm
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To daViper

Here’s the way I see it if I want to “foot travel or acre travel” or even frothing at the mouth mad dog banana split travel then I will just get on with it. I don’t need you to tell me I can’t. Heck if I want to pretend that I’m Superman and fly around the sun 50 times to save Lois Lane……..oh excuse me THAT ONE was YOUR idea.

We got a guy on here whom I believe to be an actual time traveler, somebody that knows about gravic shells. artificial singularities, computers and the history of the next 36 years. Somebody who has “been there done that” and I don’t really want to hear you spouting off about what you learned in 6th grade science class. I took the same class 35 years ago. Here is a news flash for you; Einstien was out of date 60 years ago.

You say there is no possibility of any time paradox ever occuring. How in heck would you know? Even if you are right on this one, its a lucky guess on your part. You don’t know. I don’t think you could think your way out of a paper bag.

You said that it is “tommorrow in Japan”. Does that mean that it is yesterday in Spain? Good grief, get a grip. If you would think a little more yourself, maybe you would be less inclined to tell everybody else how to do it.

I do advise however, that you could stick around and learn something.


November 15, 2000 6:39 pm
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Oh, sorry Janus, forget I said that. I must have gotten your post mixed up with somebody eleses.

To TimeTravler_0
The trouble with having the “half the population dead” is that before the fact, one cannot tell to which half ones’ self belongs. The politics of who gets thrown out of the lifeboat and who gets to stay is not topic for polite conversation. So lets ask the question in the affirmative. ” What does one have to do in order to stay on the lifeboat?”

I don’t immagine you have much a fondness for the CJD (mad cow) prion. Any advise on how to defeat or avoid this plauge?


November 15, 2000 5:29 pm
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For totally selfish reasons I would like to know how one would communicate across time periods? Think of the grief one could save themselves by simply by calling yourself at 6AM from 6PM and getting the lowdown on the days pitfalls.

It is tough for me to visualize how, from our perspective, the future is frozen solid such that you could knock around here for a week or two and yet scarcely a blink of an eye has passed in 2036.

If you want to get peoples attention, it seemes to me that a pocket full of real US currency and coins dated 2001 and up would cause a stir. It could be used as a standard test to see who is braindead and who can add 2+2.

You speak of 1 & 2 % “divergence” as being unimportant. I don’t get it. Like for example if OUR IBM5100 is 1% different than the code you have to run on it, it ain’t gonna work right. One percent in the FL vote count would be important. If I could see only 99% of the cars on the road it would be important to me. So, what exactly is X% divergent, and why is it not a major problem?

Janus is a Scientist. Don’t mess with him!


November 13, 2000 8:24 pm
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Checked out the picture and documents (Pamala?) posted. Your ’67 Chev looks remarkably new…….hmmmm

If the manual is leggit and thats a real working time machine in your front seat, the OBVIOUS conclusion, if not the correct conclusion, is that you are either in the employ of the US Army or you stole the friggen thing. I hardly think you picked it up for 20 bucks at the surplus store.

Looks like you’ve got a little baby field model there, the owners of which would surely have bigger and badder ones to come and collect it with. But you would know all about that. What you might not know is that the people who actually run things around now, will snatch you right out of your shoes at the first possible instant they get wind of you and your ah……. thing.

The one thing that you are REALLY REALLY NOT supposed to do is show up with something that might be percieved to be “dangerous”. You had better hide real good or get lost, one.

Been nice ‘talking’ to ya. Why not just spill the *entire* pan of beans before you split? Anything to piss off the rich folks, I say.