Blackout's Box, home of Michael Biggins, aka "Blackout," gained notoriety for his unique, humorous, and sometimes controversial content, including prank phone calls and performance art.

Blackout's Box was an online platform that gained notoriety in the early days of the internet as the home of Michael Biggins, better known by his internet moniker, "Blackout." He was an influential internet creator who produced a wide range of content that was unique, humorous, and sometimes controversial. He was particularly well-known for his prank phone calls, which often featured his distinctive voice and irreverent sense of humor. Additionally, he created songs and other forms of performance art that showcased his creative talents and ability to connect with his audience. Blackout's Box was not only the home of his content but also a hub for his community of avant-garde fans, who appreciated his unconventional approach to entertainment and creativity. The site provided a space for fans to share their own works and engage in discussions about art, music, and culture. While Blackout's Box is no longer active, it remains a significant part of internet history and a testament to the power of creativity and community building in the digital age.