HDRkid.com: Popular forum on the hyperdimensional resonator (HDR) and radionics-based time machines. Explored fringe theories and alternative approaches to time travel.

HDRkid.com was a website that gained a significant following for its discussion of the hyperdimensional resonator (HDR) and its creator, Stephen Gibbs. The site's forums were particularly popular among enthusiasts of the HDR, which is a radionics-based time machine purported to allow users to travel through time and access alternate dimensions. The HDRkid.com forums provided a platform for individuals to share their experiences with the HDR, exchange tips and advice, and discuss the latest developments in the field of radionics. While the site's main page is still active, the HDRkid.com community is no longer active, and many former members have since migrated to other online forums, such as Paranormalis. Despite its relatively niche focus, HDRkid.com played an important role in the online paranormal community by providing a space for individuals to explore fringe theories and discuss alternative approaches to time travel and other unusual phenomena.