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January 23, 2001 8:17 am
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I didn’t think a topic about time-travel paradoxes I started would provoke so many replies! I wrote a book about my interest in time which is titled “Hope to time-travel”. For those interested I’m willing to e-mail softcopies for free. Just email:[email protected] (requesting a copy). I advertised my book in the Time Travel Institute Discussion Forum along with other places. I’d be grateful if you could send feedback, but you don’t have to.

Paul Curran


January 22, 2001 11:15 pm
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And been to his site as long ago as two and a half years.

Or was it only yesterday? 🙂


January 22, 2001 10:45 pm
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Aye, but only recently!
(caught your post in another thread)


January 22, 2001 6:36 pm
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TT_0 Please read this, ang provide us with your comments…
(How many of the others here, have read this yet?)

(POLL) say AYE if you have, NAY if not,
“Not Yet” but plan to do so latter.

Time Travel Research Center : Interview with Dr. David [email protected], Germany


January 22, 2001 1:44 pm
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Amen brother! :smile.gif:


January 22, 2001 12:34 pm
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My conversation with Draco was strictly out of my admiration for ancient european history.

I am a christian and therefore do not agree with the ways of the accult and do believe that any religion that is against christ is not from God but from the devil.

I do not mean to insult anyone with this but it is my belief and I hold them also to be true. One day the lord will return and those who have believed on the name of Jesus and who have called upon Jesus to be saved shall be transfigured into an infinite immortal body. At that time all the things that we were involved in here that did not pertain to god will be meaningless.

For at that time time travel and our discussions here will be obsolete to us. God is the one who created the universe and he is the one that will destroy and recreate it again. When we stand before the judgement seat of christ for those who have accepted christ will be judged on there spiritual work. They will be given payment for the work they did for God. That means that if you do your day to day job to the best of your ability to please God and not just for personal gain: in addition to recieving your salary and raises here on earth you will also be payed by god when youre works are being evaluated at the judgement seat of Christ.

That is why I bring religion into this because I credit Jesus for all I have. He is given the glory for any success of mine.

God bless,

Edwin G. Schasteen


January 22, 2001 9:48 am
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Does it look like i just jumped right in and answered?
i barely have enough time these days!

Followers?! “As if he was some God?”

I gotta tell you Javier.C, you sound as if you want the entire world to know how much you hate time travel and anyone from there.
Well, guess what. Your a time traveller too.

Think about it.

Just because someone comes from a few years in front doesn’t mean you have to slam them into oblivion. What if i was a T.traveller and i came from 3 seconds into the future?
What then? Would you still “Fight for its preservation?” then?

These days,you dont know what to believe anymore. If he is from 2036 and there is a war coming , Im sorry but you’ll be eating your words. On the other side, if T-T-O is full of it and is only here to promote this forum’s hits well then i stand corrected.

T-T-O is not my friend, nor does he wish to be. Weve never seen each other and probably never will. Anyway, with the information he has given us, i guess the damage has already been done for all of us wouldn’t you agree??

I take in oppinions, equations, theories and any information regarding any subject and formulate my own thoughts on the given subject. I dont think he is a God for giving this information, heck, he could be an employee of the U.S government here to find out what the population thinks of T.T! We could all be test subjects. Who’s to say we are not?

If time travel is possible ten million years from now, it will still be possible. Who is to say that humans are not visiting this exact time? You can’t stop time travel, it is inevitable.



Enforcer of Time

January 21, 2001 10:13 pm
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Open your mind, huh? Sounds more like you’d let the bigger boys pick on you and have their way because there’s nothing to be done.

I don’t want to say what you sound like to me.

Because it’s all pretty obvious, isn’t it?

I gotta go, I have a load of laundry to do.


Enforcer of Time

January 21, 2001 10:03 pm
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Perhaps somewhere deep in that eccentric soul of yours, you could perhaps muster up a little compassion to understand that there are still some people in this world who want to help and protect us.

If someone where to break into your home in the middle of the night, who would you want to come in to help you?

If you see someone in dying need of medical attention, wouldn’t you feel obligated to help, and if you did who would you call?

Problems like these will always exist in any universe. I agree with you on that?

But is it really so wrong with wanting to stop criminals from violating our rights?

We have Cops out there doing their hardest making sure the streets are safe for you and me. We have EMT’s ready to be dispatched to save your life if you broke your neck or fallen off a tree or something.

Crime is everywhere, and will always be there. So are we to just accept it and turn our backs on it?

That’s so easy to do. Yet there are some people in this society that would rather not have to live through a world like this.

And that’s where I believe that the same measures to protect people, should also be implemented to Time Travel. If you violate someone, you must pay. Simple as that.

Did I make my self clear Fastwalker 2, or am I to apologize to you too for having morals, like I did to TT_0?

Javier C.

“For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it’s preservation.”


January 21, 2001 4:24 pm
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i dont see why you campaign on about affecting the time line,when you know that anybody in their right mind would do so.

in a multiverse of infinite possibilities,
if someone feels like they should have been a bus driver instead of an astrophysicist,then by all means quit your job and buy a bus…

im not a TT_0 fan,nor a soothsayer,but theres no use telling the people here about such nonsense…i heard this in some movie a while back: “your destiny is cant change it,but you can rise up to meet it.”

some words of wisdom from an eccentric soul.


Enforcer of Time

January 21, 2001 2:38 pm
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You must be a TT_0 follower :smile.gif: .
Hey, whatever your religious beliefs are is none of my business. I can care less what you are, as long as you don’t mess with the Time Line.

I may not believe in the same thing as you do, I may even think it’s wrong. But that is not an important thing in my life to fight about right now.

Well maybe if it was a cult, that would be different. But you people are harmless :smile.gif: , so I have no problem with you.

Just don’t mess with the Time Line, and I’m happy.

Sincerely yours,
Javier C.

“For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it’s preservation.”


January 21, 2001 8:22 am
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whats wrong enforcer of time,
bored without timetraveler_0? are you going to advocate against this now?

Enforcer of Time

January 21, 2001 4:00 am
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So the topic’s moved to Witchery now? What’s this board coming to :smile.gif: …?


January 20, 2001 2:18 pm
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The Book touched My Life in a way that only Great Books can!!!!!!!!



[email protected]

January 20, 2001 1:32 pm
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Yes that is the same book I read. I thought it was a pretty good book. What about you?


Edwin G. Schasteen


January 19, 2001 6:28 pm
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Hey RGUNT!! Actually I believe I may have read the same book you did.. I don’t have the book anymore and it’s been along time since I read it… The final battle resulted in the Celtic Cheiftain being put in chains and taken back to rome, where the drug him through the streets and stuck what was left of him on a pig pole… As far as a Druid from the Order named Ainvar it sounds familar but the true spellings of names was fully contingent on what language you are using….

~ Draco


January 19, 2001 4:33 pm
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January 19, 2001 12:47 pm
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January 19, 2001 12:33 pm
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that is amazing. I read a book entitled “Druids” by an Irish female author, I don’t remember the name. The story was set back in roman times and was based on the early life of a chief druid by the name Ainvar…meaning ‘one who travels far’.

The events in the story were centered around the conflict between celts and the romans. The story finishes off with the defeat of the celts by the romans in one fantastic battle.

I was going to ask if you have ever heard of the story of Ainvar in the order? Is this a true story based on history or is it just a fictional book?


Edwin G. Schasteen

p.s. Is this ok for double spacing?


January 18, 2001 6:53 pm
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anyone know whats the best time travel device out there and where i can purchase one? also anyone know where i can locate any interdimensional portals in alabama, i live in birmingham, alabama.. …. mg