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January 18, 2001 2:56 pm
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the double spacing is not needed..just add a space inbetween ideas..

your a druid?a friend of mine is Wiccan…their like ancient hippies :smile.gif:


“May you be Enlightened”–….


January 18, 2001 12:18 pm
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That was funny,

Now that I will be double spacing my posts

this string should be twenty pages long

within the next couple of days making

everyone think that there is something

really interesting being discussed on this

string. Just one question, once this string

of pages is long enough to be a book who

reserves the right to become a million-uhh-I

mean author of the book?

Ha Ha!

Edwin G. Schasteen


January 18, 2001 12:16 pm
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Hey Everyone!! While I’ve been following this thread from the beginning and even conveyed a few thoughts on the topic matter as it evolved, I have been, for the most part, been following the topic discussion to TTO’s answers to everyones questions. I have come to a couple conclusions. First of all I want to commend TTO for provoking much thoughtfull and insightfull discussion on, even the probability much less the possability that what he says is true. And I would like to commend those that treated this topic discussion with respectful scrutiny and thought provoking questions for TTO. I understand that for TTO to reveal himself as a time traveler in this timeline on this board was a matter of great risk on his part and I commend him for it!! Who are we to say he’s not for real!!! Being a Druid MAGI I’ve also conveyed thoughts and realities that have fallen upon great scrutiny and rightly so. It is when we stop asking how and why that we are truely doomed as a race!! We have to open our minds and get peoples heads out of the sands of disbelief and ignorance, only then can we truely be ready for the next level, as a race. Individually, some are already at the doorway of the next level!! As a race there’s too much hate and greed for this to happen on an evolutionary scale for a while. That is a sad state of affairs!!

As far as I’m concerned, GODSPEED TTO!!!!


Draco the Druid


January 18, 2001 9:11 am
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To borgus

Greed is a compass that points to The Conspiracy. It is a conspiracy of secrecy to hide/deny the fact that Homosapiens are as a species SELF-PREDITORY. Period.

Oops! I just spilled the beans. Ah, what the heck we all know the truth, we are just a little shy in admitting it.


January 18, 2001 9:10 am
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Nahhh I’ll read. Observe. … and draw my own conclusions based upon what is presented here. Like many others, I gleen alot out of everyone’s postings.

I am a nobody *little smile* If others gleen something from my sporadic postings…wonderful…if not…not.

Be safe and dream sweetly.



January 18, 2001 8:54 am
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OH great. good going guys! now we will have a whole page of just rgrunt’s postings,double and tripled spaced with seperating topics and paragraphs and chapter numbers! HAHA

just joking,Rgrunt your postings are very interesting.

TTO-thankyou for answering my questions.


January 18, 2001 7:02 am
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I will be glad to double space and set up my

postings in paragraph form. Anything to make

my postings easier to understand.

cheers from rainy california,he he.

Edwin G. Schasteen


January 18, 2001 7:00 am
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Mr. TT_0,
Let us assume you are a time traveller. I do not see any viable way for you to return to your own time line then. I say this because that you mentioned the difficulty with time travel in the sense of divergences. You said that you travelled back in time from 2036 to 1975 with a ~1-2% divergence. You also mentioned that in your time frame a 0% divergence is sort of a myth, i.e technologically improbable. Now if I understand your plan, you say you will once again travel back to 1975 before you arrived and then go forward as to avoid going into the future of our time line, which by your presence here would be an alternate future from your own. But what I would ask is, if you plan to go back to 1975 from 2000, you should incur a certain non-zero percent divergence just as you did going from 2036 to 1975. I would surmize that it is impossible or technologically improbable for you to go back to the exact world line you departed from then. Even if you are able to travel back with a 0% divergence, which by your previous words would be mythological, what would ensure you that the future you travelled into was exactly the world line you left. Since there are an infinite number of possible world lines departing from 1975 into the future. I suppose the key point of this argument is that any trip through time with your technology would result in a non-zero divergence, and in order for you to arrive in your own world line you must create a 0% divergent trip. This is amusing in the sense that the harder you try to get to your own world line the more divergences you incur and hence the furthur away you get. I believe I see the birth of a new temporal paradox.


January 18, 2001 1:50 am
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Yeah TT_0, OK.

I’ll go ahead and run with the way you want to tell it.

You are obviously a thinker on social issues, a contemplator of paradox, and hypothesizer of possibilities.

Correct me if I’m wrong here but I see you as a Libertarian who expounds on the need for humanity to get back to certain basics. Like the issues defined by the Constitution and your comments earlier on firearms tend to make me believe you are a Gun Rights activist.

So, no critisism intended here but…
(and you know I see your scenario as pure fiction on your part), could you give us your thoughts on how us “less enlightened” ones here in this worldline of the here/now can solve the technical problems of time travel so that we may be able to enjoy the same first hand knowledge you have that gives you these social insights?

I mean, EVERYBODY hates a tease right?



January 17, 2001 11:19 pm
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To Shadow…

Other species kill each other too 😛 Its all about protecting DNA lines.

To TimeTravel_0…

Can you record a quick voice message for us before you leave?

Enforcer of Time

January 17, 2001 7:10 pm
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That’s very nice of you Trott, answering for TT_0. But I’m sure he’s a big boy now and can answer his own post, thank you very much.

By being the eccentric & aggravating guy in this community, do you mean the guy that brings up things that are in opposition to the common ideals of this board? Then sure, if you wish to define my actions like that, I really don’t care.

As long as I am aware that what I am doing is looking at things from both sides, and advocating freedom. What people say won’t make me give in to your followers.

You can tell which ones they are by reading their posts. All this praise, like if you were some God.

And further more, it’s a good thing you don’t know what my voice sounds like. Or you’d criticize the way I pronounce things too, because I have a slight accent.

After all, I am fluent in Spanish and English. Spanish is my native tongue though. And it’s pretty hard to lose it, look at Ricky Martin, and Antonio Banderas.

See Me here:

There’s not much we know about you. You made a little comment about your life, but that’s just it. No real insight as to who is giving this wisdom (since your so good at giving it). Don’t you think we must first know who is giving it? And how has it helped you? You just preach, even church preaches give examples about their lives and others how it’s helped them. Think about doing that, might make your posting seem less creepy (at times) and make your words more effective.

Gotta Go,
Javier C.

“For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it’s preservation.”


January 17, 2001 6:41 pm
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With, I hope… *smiling*

Life is short and battles need to be chosen with care…

*little shrug* There are few concepts in my life I expend emotional energy on… The important ones gain my full attention. I simply believe that everyone has something to contribute…even if we do not like it…agree with it… or even understand it.

A personal value I hold.

Anything that challenges me to think beyond what I thought yesterday..opens doors for me now and tomorrow *little smile*

*little shrug*

Life is good *grin*

Be safe and dream sweetly.



January 17, 2001 6:09 pm
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It has been fascinating to read your insights on the social flaws during this time period. Since you are not a part of this society (or at least new to it) it is more obvious for you than many of us.

Your observations strike a deep meaning with me, because I’ve spent the last 4 years writing a science fiction audio drama about the greed of humanity around the year 2000.

What disturbs me is that, yes, there are many who understand these problems of greed. Most of us know it exists, but cannot attribute the source. Some think greed is the necessary thread which tightly holds our economy together. There are the many that just accept greed as the normal way of life, even though they know there is something wrong about it. Action is never taken to fix the mindset of what money is really for.

There are always those who enjoy cheating, weaseling, and playing tricks to gain false respect. Those people thrive on knowing how to get ahead. As long as they win their steadfast race to personal satisfaction, they will always influence others. It doesn’t matter how many of us become outward, collective, and self-less… the greedy individuals will always rise.

So TimeTravel_0, having lived through the self destruction of the human race, what sort of future do you imagine after 2036? Will humans colonolize and expand through the solar system?

Or will we be forever bound to our inward existance, measuring the past, fearfull of the future.


January 17, 2001 5:24 pm
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i dont understand why all these people are like ‘TT_0 touched me and opened my eyes to the world’..

and TT_0 seems to change his opinion of the people of “this” time every other post of his.

first he despised us,now he admires us for shaping the things to come??


PS No tt_0 no questions were directed toward you in the making of this post.


January 17, 2001 5:14 pm
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I beleive the experiment was called “Hell’s Kitchen.”


January 17, 2001 9:37 am
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To TT_0, You have made a difference. You have at least opened some people’s eyes to the possibility of time travel and what is going on around them. But like I said earlier, you will leave, and the memory will fade. Some peoples eyes will not stay open very long. Other people though, will grasp the spark, hopefully making a difference. I think this has been a positive experiance. I hope it has been for you too.
Safe trip home, and God speed. Maybe we will talk again some time ;~)


January 17, 2001 8:46 am
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Although, I do not wish to take sides in this argument. TTA if you re-read what you quoted, you will notice something.
(Have you considered the possible adverse consequences the person might face that you had post them for you since you remain covert? or don’t you care since it is not your world line. what about the people that read the information and attempt to build one? what if they get injured in the process because they are not knowledgeable enough to handle the forces they are playing with at this “time”.)

Yes, I have considered it but it is very easy to remain hidden behind a veil of disbelief. The people who understand what they are seeing are not aggressive. Everyone else just finds them entertaining. The obvious first answer is that the only world line of consequence is my own and I don’t care what happens here. That however, is not the case. I have shown these documents in order that people might consider the possibility. I do not expect people to believe them.
TT_0 says that the obvious first answer to the question is that he must not care for what happens on any worldline except for his own. But notice immediately after that sentence he says that is not however the case. That the true answer is that he just wanted people to consider the possibility and that is why he posted the material. He never says that the only time line he cared to protect was his own.


January 17, 2001 8:29 am
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In the future, sociologists spend a great of time discussing the collective mentality before the war that led to the demise of “Homo Materia”. Many of them point to an experiment that was done in the 1970’s or 1980’s. The experiment isolated various sizes of rat populations in varying cage sizes with varying food and cleaning schedules. It was discovered that no matter what, there was a certain ratio of rats to space that once overtaken by population would always lead to aggressive and destructive behavior in the rats until enough of them had died or been killed to get back under the ratio. This was true even when the rats that were given plenty of food and had their cage cleaned every day.

Besides the occasional school or office shooting and violent video game, I can’t help but think about that experiment every time I see someone stranded on the highway or walking on the side of the road carrying an empty gas can. I ask my parents why we don’t stop and help and they tell me they are afraid of being attacked and of the possible consequences of helping someone they don’t know. I would respond by pointing out that it’s our duty to help someone, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we can never know that person’s true worth and the risk of losing then is too great. I didn’t fully understand their stubbornness until I saw a news story about a doctor who was sued for applying emergency first aid to an accident victim who died. I believe your society is biologically geared for self-destruction. However, I feel strongly that does not excuse me from my responsibilities as a temporary member of this community.

Although TTA is a bit quirky and eccentric, he does belong to us. He’s this community’s quirky and eccentric guy and although he can be aggravating, I can’t help but feel protective of him. As I’m sure most of us believe, under all of his postings, he has some interesting things to say. When I first read one of his postings, I first shake my head and then I begin to question my own understanding of not only the English language but of the real meaning of the odd things he brings up. If it’s done on purpose, it’s quite effective. I am often forced to go back through the dictionary or grammar handbook just to make sure there’s not some obscure punctuation or grammar rule I was unaware of.

As an example, when I read his mission statement, I do think the effect of not writing a complete sentence before the period is dramatic but I am forced to examine the word “it’s” and wonder if it represents the contraction for “it is” or if it means the possessive of the understood subject from the first part.

Please understand, I do not point this out to cause harm. People are often first judged by the way they write and speak. I can’t help but think a great deal of anger is a result of frustration to make ourselves understood. Throughout our lives, a real understanding of how to communicate would help anyone express themselves better. As I find myself double checking how to use the English language I only recommend that TTA do the same. I am quite anxious to his ideas or set of rules on the use of time travel.

Enforcer of Time

January 17, 2001 12:45 am
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Well excuse me… I just saw the post the first day I got back to this board, and jumped right in to respond. As I’m sure that’s what most people in this forum do anyway’s, am I right?

I read all his past post though. And that’s why I cut and paste something that he said. The man said to quote him, or did you not read that part…? He still hasn’t replied.

You seem to know him pretty well, are you his friend or something? I tell you, a man can’t get a decent unbiased review in this board now a days.

Well maybe from DaViper, he doesn’t sound like he’s on anyones side.

Good night,
-Javier C.

P.S. I’ll bet you the next topic after my post will be on sides. Care to place any bets who will take a crack at it?

“For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it’s preservation.”


January 16, 2001 11:02 pm
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To T-T-A,

Let me just say this.

Even before you came here criticizing this foumn and T-T-O , i was here from the beginning, asking the same questions. I have been watching this forumn and watching the same questions being repeated over and over to T-T-O…..

He doesn’t answer your questions because there is no reason to. Read back and you’ll see what i mean. He/She has told us before to read his previous posts for answers and yes, there they are.

To R-Grunt, Could you please, in future ,write your answers in paragraphs?
Much easier to read, I might say. Thank you.