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December 12, 2000 5:36 pm
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To TT-0

“Show me the money!” More impressive than the pix of your TT machine would be a clear photo of your post 2000 pocket change and paper currency.


December 11, 2000 9:58 am
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Reflecting upon the words timetravler_0 has shared with me personally and what I have posted of some of our conversations and watching the news everyday seeing what is happening now in Florida and the courts has made me think deeply upon the United States and the US constitution. What the US was founded on origionally.
I found a web site that has the US constitution and the bill of rights here:

for anybody interested in reading it.

I printed out the whole constitution including the bill of rights and then sat down and read the whole thing out loud to myself thinking deeply on the rights our founding fathers were trying to protect.
For those of you U.S. citizens who cant remember the constitution beyond the words,
“we the people.” its probably time to take another look.
You never know what the future will be like.
or how it will change.
The future is up to us…..

At the beginning of the constitution the first three words “WE THE PEOPLE..” was written in large letters on purpose.


Dr Light

December 11, 2000 2:27 am
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Could you elaborate on my previous questions..


How and why do the arabs/jews become entangled in the civil war of the U.S.A?

Also, about my previous question.. If you would look around you may notice that jewish poeple seem to hold “considerable” power concering major political positions both in America and Israel. For instance the latest technology concerning “defensive” technology
which you might think is reserved only for the superpowers, somehow made its way into Israel’s hands…

My point is that they seem to be an “underhand” world power that no-one seems to recognise,(or so it seems)

Also about the Arab side of affairs, they seem to be holding Biological weapons and thermonuclear weaponry. Do they end up launching these weapons against America or any other power?

I hope that cleared up my points somewhat.




December 10, 2000 10:10 am
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Are you going to take your family away with you to protect them from the coming events. Is this a temptation for you? Aren’t you worried about somebody finding your ship?


December 10, 2000 10:00 am
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Time Travel_0, some more questions for you. What is the education system like? For children? For adults? Is there more home schooling then there is now. What are the class sizes like? Is there any emphasis on a subject or subjects that are don’t exsist now?


December 10, 2000 9:07 am
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I was just wondering who won the Super Bowl in the year 2001?


December 10, 2000 8:32 am
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from an e-mail to timetraveler_0 and his answers. (TTO-If any of this is different from what you sent me please let me know.this is copied and pasted.)

>1. what type of money system do you have on your world line? meaning how
do you buy and sell things? Do you have the same type of money or do we have
a cashless society? such as smart cards, credit cards or ID biochips.

Its not very different than it is now. Yes, we have money and credit cards.
However, like everything else, the monetary system is decentralized.
Banking is based mostly around the community structure. There are no
multinational banking or computerized economic systems. There are also no
income taxes.

>2. do you still use radio transponders to ID your cattle and other farm

Some of the larger farm communities use electronic markers and fences. I am
not a farmer so I don’t have very many details about that.

>3.Is the Global Positioning Satellite system still in place around the

Oh yes! In fact, the unit I have with me works here. I’m not sure why that
surprises me. There are also a great many communications and internet
satellite systems.

>4.Do you still have the American Flag as your flag? does it look different
or is there a new flag?

Yes, we still have the flag. There is a debate about changing it from 50
stars to 5.

>5.Is there some states or areas that have new names ? is there a NewDenver,
Kansas by any chance?

Not that I can think of… No major cities anyway. I am aware that some
smaller towns changed their names after the war and most universities have
the word “fort” before them on my world line.

>6. How many weeks of training is required before you timetravel? to what
extent does the training involve? Are you able to make basic emergency
repairs to the unit?

I started training on the recommendation of my PS officer when I got out of
school in 34. I graduated in March of 35. Actual hands on training started
soon after that and I left 2036 in April. No, there are not very many
repairs I can make to the unit. The unit is built very well but the
tolerances are very small. I could probably repair the electrical systems
and it will accept inputs from older computers.

>7.Are you able to fish or are the waters polluted from fallout from the

Yes, we can fish. There are some areas that are still too dangerous to
spend a lot of time in so we can’t fish in those areas.

>8.Are you aware of any time travelers from our time or other world lines
that have entered your world line? Have you spoke to any of them?

No I am not aware. But I accept the possibility.

>9.What type of public transportation is used to get around in your cities?

A high speed train system connects the larger cities. Roads are still used
for cars and many people ride horses and bikes.

>10. What things do you think you will take back with you from this time?

Books! I’m also taking copies of family photos that were lost during the

>11. How many weeks have you been in this world line? when did you arrive?

That I must keep to myself right now.

>12. What kind of books do you like to read? What kind of music do you
like? do you play a musical instrument?

I read a great deal of history. I like piano classics and some older rock
and roll. (why did that type of music go so far down hill?) No, I don’t play
any instruments myself.

>13.Are you concerned about our government investigating you or trying to
seize you or your device?

Not really. In order to find me, they would have to believe time travel is

>14. are you videotaping or taking pictures of the events going on here to
bring back with you to your time?

Oh yes.

>15. what is your favorite food to eat? here and in your world line.

Its very hard for me to find food here. It all scares the Hell out of me.
I’ve found a couple of local farms where I am resonably sure the raw food is
safe and my mother started a garden for me.

>16.does the cure for cancer have any thing to do with genetics?

Again…I’m no expert. I believe there is a great deal of progress in
treating the cancer cells with modified viruses. So I guess the answer is

>17.Do you have an increase in tornados and earthquakes than what we have
now? is the average temperature in Florida in your time about the same as it
is here? or is it different?

That’s one area I’ve decided not to talk about…sorry. The average
temperature worldwide is a bit cooler.

>18. are any of the other 7 time travelers with you in this world line or
are you by yourself?

No. They are off doing something else I’m sure.

>19. are there time travel web sites in the future? does this one still

Time travel is a major point of social discussion. I’ll have to check when
I get back. Most of the larger servers that were in the major cities were
lost or destroyed. I’ll try to bring a copy back with me. Perhaps you can
check that in your 2036.

> you feel any connection at all to your other 2 year old self on this
world line? does it seem like you or someone totally different? who does he
think you are when you talk to him?

He calls me uncle. Yes, there is a connection. He fells like a younger
brother. Sometimes I get mixed emotions watching him and realize I’m
watching the origins of my personality. I tend to playfully criticize my
father about that.


December 10, 2000 8:00 am
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I will try to answer all of your questions however, I have noticed that there seems to be a difficulty in entering a conversation in the middle. Most of the following questions I have answered at length in previous posts. I understand how important it is to have these answers when new people read portions of the posting but I find it tiring to keep repeating myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

(I was just wondering who won the Super Bowl in the year 2001?)

I do not answer questions like this. Although I don’t really know the motivation for the question…I can guess. If a time traveler had knowledge of your future, and you could only ask one question, would this be it? Besides, can you tell me if it rained in New York on June 4th 1932? You are from their future so should you know that?

(I have read some of the concourse up to the end of this topic’s dialogue…. 1. If your machine is capable of traveling back through time from future earth to now, I wonder how your vehicle landed on this earth at all? You obviously know that this earth and your earth do not occupy the same quadrant of space…. You would also need a life support system to sustain you until you were within earth’s atmosphere… and lastly the avoidance of man made structures…)

This is actually a very good question that parts and pieces of the answer are scattered around in previous postings. I am often surprised that it is not the first one asked. You are correct, this problem is actually the most difficult part of time travel. Although some of your assumptions about matter displacement are a bit off, the problem is real. Inside the displacement unit are a series of very sensitive clocks and gravity sensors. This system is called the VGL (variable gravity lock). In simple terms, before the unit “leaves” a world line, it takes a base reading of the local gravity and adjusts the Tipler sinusoid to “lock” into that position. Although the tmporal physics of this statment are wrong, in effect, it holds you to the “Earth”. During travel, it periodically checks to see that the field has not varied. If it does, it stops and reverses course or drops out at that point. Buildings and other terrain features are avoided in the same way. Yes, we do bring oxygen in the vehicle with us but we do not lose atmospheric pressure.

(Pamela seemed concerned with the ‘go nowhere ripple effect’ that might occur when a time machine left and then returned, but I find even that logic flawed. I maintain that a time machine would imprint itself spatially upon a certain time period.)

I’m not sure what you mean by imprint?

(Einstein’s Theory of Relativity would dictate that even if you left in such a machine for two minutes, this time would continue to advance and this world would still move through space and rotate.)

Yes that is correct.

(Therefore a time machine would NOT appear to stand still but rather would (depending upon the time interval) appear to suddenly defy gravity as it disappeared and then, free of the gravitational momentum, would reappear in near or far space.)

Please see VGL system above. Also, please be aware that from the viewpoint of the time traveler, the displacement unit actually left and then returned. The viewer does not experience this. Think of it as a Gosub statement in a computer program.

Tiger Cohen

December 10, 2000 6:24 am
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Hello TT_O!

I have read some of the concourse up to the end of this topic’s dialogue. I find your answers to questions posed, quite … um, shall we say … creative. To say the least you are a very imaginative person.

I am not here debunking your travels or to discount your stated technology, but I do have just one question.

1. If your machine is capable of traveling back through time from future earth to now, I wonder how your vehicle landed on this earth at all? You obviously know that this earth and your earth do not occupy the same quadrant of space. Our earth is rotating along it’s axis at 1600kph and moving on an elliptical orbit around a sun in a solar system which itself is circling and expanding the galactic center of our galaxy which is itself ever-expanding outward. In truth your machine should (but doesn’t) also have some kind of ‘warp’ capability incorporated in it in order to go back in space to the point where we are now. It’s a wonder that your vehicle didn’t end up in deep space or caught in the gravity well of some other stellar mass. You would also need a life support system to sustain you until you were within earth’s atmosphere.

Oh, I know that you may claim to have access to galactic stellar cartography from this period of space and time, but how would you account for the earth’s rotational speed as well as the moon’s gravitation effect and lastly the avoidance of man made structures which are not totally mapped even by our geosynchronus comsats of this day?

I’m not worried about pieces of dirt within your temporal field or even the odd stray cat being dispersed by your resulting static electricity, but I am curious as to how you overcome all of these obstacles from the contoured seat of what you claim is just a time machine?

Pamela seemed concerned with the ‘go nowhere ripple effect’ that might occur when a time machine left and then returned, but I find even that logic flawed. I maintain that a time machine would imprint itself spatially upon a certain time period. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity would dictate that even if you left in such a machine for two minutes, this time would continue to advance and this world would still move through space and rotate. Therefore a time machine would NOT appear to stand still but rather would (depending upon the time interval) appear to suddenly defy gravity as it disappeared and then, free of the gravitational momentum, would reappear in near or far space. If you think my logic is faulty, then try jumping high in the air from the back of a flatbed truck while it moves along at freeway speeds.


December 9, 2000 12:37 pm
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…and another one, (Cleaned & Enlarged) version here:>


December 7, 2000 10:08 pm
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I thought people might be interested in seeing the drawing of the patch you sent me that you wear on your uniform. minus the unit number and the name TEMPORAL RECON.
I know you said you didnt care if i posted it or not. for anyone who would like to see it Doc has posted it on his site here:

then click on “timelords anonymous”
and it is after your other pictures on the
“anonymous gravity/time device pictures”

I tried to do a direct link but it didnt work.



December 6, 2000 6:36 pm
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(What is the popular music like?)

Most of the same music you enjoy is available on archive. However the days of mega-stars playing multiple track studio produced music and lip synching on a huge stage are pretty much isolated to your time period. Like everything else, music is much less centralized. The general trend is away from “computer generated” music and more toward real people playing real instruments. Music is much more of a personal experience. More people know how to read music and play together in small groups.

(Are there any social prejudices)

Yes there are. However, as odd as it may sound, it serves a useful purpose in my time. First, you must realize that your experiences with “prejudice” and mine are different. I would characterize the intolerance you have here as a result of ignorance and fear. I have observed that people with unfounded and irrational fears about their fellow man in this time have the luxury of not having their beliefs tested.

After the war, much of the prejudice you have now was swept away by simple necessity. People had to work and fight together just to survive. This has a way of opening a person’s eyes as to the value of fellow human beings.

What difference does the color of a man’s skin make when you are both fighting against the same enemy to survive or find water or grow food? On my world line, if a man doesn’t pull his weight in the community, then we feel prejudice towards him as a burden to us. This feeling of shame he experiences then makes him realize his responsibilities.

(What is the health care system like)

You would probably not like it at all. I would compare it to what you see in Western movies. We do have hospitals but there are more family doctors and house calls as compared to what you are used to. There is no real organized health care. If you get a serious disease, you die. This however has had a tendency to strengthen the general genetic pool. Doctors are more concerned about things like broken legs, snake bites and delivering healthy babies.

(What is the entertainment industry like, movies, tv, radio, internet?)

Again, entertainment is less centralized. There are “movies” and “tv” but everything is distributed over the net and more people produce their own “shows”.

(How difficult is it for someone to start from nothing and get a job and make a living for themselves?)

Very easy. If you can work with your hands and get along with other people, you will always find work.

(If a group of people were to travel forward in time to avoid a situation, would they be still be able to live in relative peace? Or would they be looked down on for that? Should they just keep that a secret to make things easier?)

From a physical standpoint, I suppose that would work if you were trying to escape a natural disaster. But you must consider that trying to “escape” by time traveling has it’s own problems. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by being looked down on.

(I have been reading that around 2011 there is some new world order-type government in place…TT0,can u verify?)

On my world line in 2011, the United States is in the middle of a civil war that has dramatic effects on most of the other Western governments.

(Also,a while back(page 2 of the posts) you said something was wrong with UNIX in your time…what is wrong?)

Yes…and with your’s too. I have to believe there must be a UNIX expert out there someplace that can confirm that. I’m not exactly sure what the technical issue is but I believe some sort of UNIX system registry stops in 2038.

(Does the events happening in the Middle east concerning the Arabs and Jews have anything to do with the coming war? )


(I mean to say that since the jewish population seems to have quite considerable power now in 2000…)

I’m not sure what power you are referring to.

(Tell me T-T_0, when you first typed a message here announcing your arrival…did anyone believe you?)

I don’t know if anyone believes me now. But you must realize that I don’t expect anyone to believe me or does it affect me one way or the other. I enjoy these conversations too. What would you expect a time traveler to say or do in your time?

(What do you cool the singularity with?)

Very highly technical, cooling stuff. [sorry, I don’t get much of a chance to be a wise guy :smile.gif:]

(How much more advanced are the computer hardware and software systems in the future? )

Good question! I would say the biggest difference is in the reliability of the hardware and software. It absolutely amazes me how willing people are here to accept computer and software failures on such a regular basis. I was very surprised to see how prolific it is. You can look forward to very stringent manufacturing parameters and programming discipline. Think back to the early days of the computer and how much work and cleverness it took to fit those programs into such small areas of memory. Has more and cheaper memory brought better programs or just more programs?

As far as technical specifics, I’m afraid I can not go into too much detail. However, I will tell you that processor speed and memory size take dramatic leaps forward.

(if one found a method to pryapart a magnetic field would this result in a containable release of energy. Would the energy channeled through the tear be in the form of a tachyon field with the forward edge of the tachyon field at a velocity of light. Would the internal tachyons within the tachyon field have a velocity greater then light even though existing in the present subluminal time frame?

Hmmm… I afraid my notebook on Maxwell’s equations isn’t with me and I must say again that I am not a physist. As far as tachyons goes, it’s my understanding that they can not exist at all unless they are created and “traveling” faster than light. As far as time travel goes, I’m afraid tachyons are mearly useful for describing various quirky effects of strange matter.

Time 02112 has asked me some questions that I must give further thought to. I will post again as soon as I get a chance.

[email protected]

December 4, 2000 12:36 pm
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Thanks for the knowlege Pamela. I really think that the design or basic model that Time-o gave sounds legit but I think that if he could replace the particle accelerator with a an electromagnetic device that uses only one kind of particle-a magnetic photon- that the energy would be much more stable and easier to control. I also believe that such a replacement would require much less accuracy and would be at the minimum as efficient if not more efficient then the energy production that he is intent on using. A gravity generator would also be just as affective in extracting the necessary energy required to power the device. This will require alot more effort such as discovering how to make a gravitational generator.


Edwin G. Schasteen


December 1, 2000 8:04 pm
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timetravel_0 said he would be back he is just a little busy right now. :smile.gif:
patience is a virtue. time takes… time.


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[email protected]

December 1, 2000 11:09 am
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Perhaps it is better to understand if one understands that all fractional entities less then one is equal to zero spacially and less then zero temperally when measuring the temperal fractional entity in terms of spacial fractional entity known as a plancs length. Of course I could be misinterpriting the definition of a plancs length. Please feel free to correct me if I am incorrect in assuming that what I have gathered as the definition of a temperal zero, and a spacial zero; and the plancs temperal length, and a plancs spacial length as being the same conscept: is wrong. Otherwise the ofore mentioned point of view ought to be considered. (If there is any confusion as to what I am talking about please have a look see under rgrunts time travel posting in order to aquire the basic train of thought behind the above mentioned statement.)


November 30, 2000 4:43 pm
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time 02112:
this web site from Nov. 1, 2000 at 10:00pm
till Nov. 30, 2000 at 7:38pm
has been accessed: 4026 times.
I was curious how many hits it got in about a month. well there it is… heheheh :smile.gif:
if it continues it will be well over 48,312 a year.
I thought it was interesting. there seems to be a lot of people interested in time travel but few post.

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November 29, 2000 6:29 am
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I hate to sound sarcastic but didn’t you some what gloss over the most critical piece of time-travel equipment? I don’t see the $10,000,000+ dollars listed anywhere, that it would take to buy and fabricate all that other stuff.


November 28, 2000 11:22 pm
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TT_0 so many questions, yet you seem to have more “Time” than most to address them, so while I await your replies to my other posts, here goes another….

I’ts no big secret among thos who are “In the Know” of our current worldline’s attempts to control the weather i.e. HAARP & Chemtrails, so What can you tell us about the future of weather control such as the following…
bronze flying globes that float in the air over the earth, and are aligned in grid formations, and lasers joining them together in the air, churning out snow storms, rain, or whatever else they decide to induce,to be created in the given space provided???

——BTW; I traveled to the past, and grabbed an earlier comment you posted.
Does anyone remember this one?
unregistered posted 02 November 2000 01:00
I saw the posting requsting the basic systems for a gravity distortion system that will allow time travel. Here they are:
1. Magnetic housing units for dual microsignularities.
2. Electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of microsingularities.
3. Cooling and x-ray venting system
4. Gravity sensors (VGL system)
5. Main clocks (4 cesium units)
6. Main computer units (3)
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November 27, 2000 11:01 pm
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There is a fortelling of a significant Time Divergence that is believed to occur during the year 2012 according to the ancient Mayans, yet you claim to be from 2034, and posses a working Time Travel device…
What can you tell us would happen to you, or anyone els who were to use your device, or another one similar in capabilities to travel to the yr. 2012???———–

(also I would like you to tell us what you know, or have been told what takes place in “2112”)

incidently, since it is common knowledge that many events within our cosmos are cyclical, interesting enough the “Photon Belt” returns to our solar system every 26,000 yrs. and in the given Time frame since it’s last presence in our solar system, that would place it’s peak convergence upon us again at 2012 coincidence?

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November 27, 2000 10:57 pm
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Originaly posted from the coast to coast forum by: Alan Troidl
Time travel has been taking place for thousands of years.

The foremost device used was the pyramids around the world
used by ancient civilizations. This was for time travel and not so much as a burial site as commonly believed. The physics behind this is the sacred geometrics of the pyramid shape.

The geometric shape of the pyramid allows for the concentration of “White Light” as well as “Dark Light”.
The dark light was conduited from the area in the pyramid know as the “well” which no one could understand its use as it is a hole that suddenly stops with no apparent purpose
or use.

Above the King’s Chamber are huge layered stomes with air spaces. One side shiny and smooth and the other side dark and rough. This is a capacitance machine for the separate
collection of the 2 light sources.

These 2 light sources, one coming from the earth and the white light from the cosmos above criss crossed but did not intersect each other at the point of the sarcophagus. This technology allowed for time travel and the opening of the “third eye”.

As well, the design of 2 pyramids intersecting base to base
to give you the design of the 6 point star, (or the star of david), is the sacred symbol and geometry to enter into zero point time or Christ Consciousness.

There are modern day devices that impliment these principals
for time travel.

By having your own brain operating at the same harmonic frequency as obtained through man made devices, can give you
the same ability to do conscious time travel.