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John Lensk

February 8, 2001 6:45 pm
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John is there anything you can let us know about the future? I know you are doing the whole “not gonna tell any real information due to money being made off betting on the information you tell us”. But can you just name some people who will be major tv stars or movie stars, or future major politicians or major companies? Or even other major technologies besides the obvious that we arent aware of?

Robert A. Cook

February 8, 2001 5:42 pm
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Yep, Jason hit the nail right on the head, didn’t he?

I too would like to take a ride in the rumble seat of your time machine.

I would like to visit the late ‘fifties and early ‘sixties. I’d like to have coffee with my father and my uncle, with spray-painted gold lamps overhead, encrusted with plastic jewels.

I’d like to watch them smoke their pipes and cigarettes unmolested, and discuss the simple issues of their time.

Sadly, I believe time travel is bull***t.

I wish it were otherwise.

Jason Plett

February 8, 2001 5:24 pm
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Mr. Titor, I find this fascinating. Perhaps, if you do not mind, I would enjoy a ride in your time device. I am sure you wouldn’t mind me taking a spin into the future a few years. If you are ever in the Denver area let me know I would like to interview you and take a ride in your machine.

D’Wayne Bolton

February 8, 2001 2:50 pm
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As the 38? year old that you are today, do you remember yourself showing up and visiting yourself as a three year old? Are your parents still living in 2036? Have they ever mentioned your having time traveled back to see them in 2001?

Jack Stansbury

February 8, 2001 2:47 pm
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Mr. John the time merchant is he selling truth or lies??
The members of this BBS are people that want to believe, We aren’t stupid. John give us the respect that we have given to you. Please tell the truth. However if it is true you are just a geek tell the members so. The truth will set you free !!!!!!!!!

Louis D’Avenio

February 8, 2001 2:25 pm
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John,When does your creative writing course end?????????

Matt Hagemeier

February 8, 2001 2:03 pm
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John. are you saying there isn’t enough skeptism on this board? Fom what I observe, the skeptics on here out number us “sheep”.

There is no way I can know if you are real time traveler, I’m asking you questions because I’m interested in your answers.

My rational, logical mind says you are nothing but a bored cyber geek with a lot of “time” (no pun intended) on your hands, however, part of me also wants to believe that time travel is (or will be) a realtiy as it has always been a facinastion of mine.

I know there is much more to the Universe that I can possibly understand, therefore, my mind always will be open to new possiblities.

Chris Greycheck

February 8, 2001 1:53 pm
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Again I have to congratulate you on your perceived high level of intelligence, and I don’t doubt that you may indeed be a physics professor or just some guy who gets off misleading others.

You stated:

“2.Anything I say could be acted on beforehand and changed anyway.”

Not true at all…not *anything*…just a few days ago there was an attempt at Bush’s life, surely that’s going to be a significant historical event. It’s the first attack/assasination attempt on the president of the new millenium. Hmmm, yeah, you could have warned us days ago about, and it may have been changed, and not happened…but that’s very very doubtful. At the time, no one would have taken you seriously anyway…but if you had of predicted that, and it happened, then even I would likely believe you now.
Or what about telling us something like a hollywood story of someone breaking up, or getting married, good luck trying to change that…or of a company’s profits…SOMETHING…

You are VERY evasive, and you don’t give even a single “iota” of evidence…nothing…nadda…zero. I remember you saying that your point of this was to come on and get people to at least accept the possibility of time travel, well no kidding, great time traveller…sheesh.. look at what message board you are on!! many including myself certainly beleive that it’s possible, but all you do is give fantastic stories and shrug off any attempt at evidence with your lame excuses. What all of us on here want is the truth, not science fiction.

“3.All the really interesting information is months or years away and I’d be gone when it happens.”

Hey, we’ll be the judge of that there John. That’s not the point whether the information is interesting, that’s subjective, the point is that you should prove yourself. It’s true that you claim to be a scientist right? Well isn’t one of the aims of scientists is to prove to *others* of their hypothesis or theory. Even if you’re not one, you should still make an *attempt* at trying to prove yourself.

“4.I find it morally wrong to assist someone with anything where they might gain and someone else would lose or die.”

OK fine…so why don’t tell us a way in which we can save lives or help people without harming others…like of car accidents…what plane trip not to take…etc?! And don’t come back with the cliched, “well it wouldn’t be morally right to change the future”…you are morally obligated to help someone if you can stop it!! You can’t argue with that.

John, why don’t you quit claiming that you’re from the future and actually make any attempt to prove that you are…

This is scary almost, does this guy actually beleive in what he says? or did Art hire some science fiction just to keep these boards interesting? There’s obviously some deception going on here…

Craig Cuthbert

February 8, 2001 1:22 pm
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“Buying a Story” means “I don’t buy what you’re selling”. It’s a reaction to a preoccupation we have with issues of “Trust” …because we have so many interactions with “others” i.e. people who aren’t a part of our immediate inner circles. There’s a wariness that “another” is deceiving us in some manner, either to con us (gain our confidence for some gain – possibly financial) or work their way into our inner circles and cause some form of havoc. Therefore their story is up for judgement as to whether it is worth “banking on”. EG – You may think you could have some sort or beneficial effect by telling people how things may turn out in the future? Don’t bank on it.

Art Bell use to have an archive of the night that he had an open line for Time Travelers. I have to say that much of what I listened to, rang true with my own “prophetic” thoughts.

So, this enemy that was attacked in the US by Russia, was it Islamic in nature?

What it IT (Ginger)? The buzz is that it revolutionizes transportation. What change happened in the early ’00s that relates to this?

I want to get into the Automated Home technologies business. Any suggestions? Please e-mail me 🙂

John Titor

February 8, 2001 1:18 pm
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I would characterize world politics as two boxers who have just gone multiple rounds and they’re both pretty beat up. I’m sure someone out there wants to kill us but no one is very organized yet. There is a great deal of fear over rogue groups coming across un-launched missile systems, 55 gallon drums of Anthrax or portable nuclear weapons.

((Korea United?))
I guess you could say that. Taiwan, Japan and Korea were all “forcefully annexed” before N Day.

I don’t remember a great deal about media coverage during the civil conflicts. I would probably characterize it the same way you see coverage of Waco, Ruby Ridge and Elian Gonzalez.

From my viewpoint, yes, this is an alternate timeline. From your viewpoint, no.

I have thought again about how to revel information that would make me more believable but I always come across the following problems:

1.All of you become much less interesting as sheep. I can’t talk to you if you’re not skeptical.

2.Anything I say could be acted on beforehand and changed anyway.

3.All the really interesting information is months or years away and I’d be gone when it happens.

4.I find it morally wrong to assist someone with anything where they might gain and someone else would lose or die.

5.There’s a slim chance your worldline is just different enough my “prediction” won’t happen.

6.I simply don’t know.

Consider that you are a time traveler who goes back in time to the first week of February 1970 and you are confronted with the same problem. What do you remember right now about the second week of February 1970? Naturally, the conflict in Vietnam and the Middle East come up but as someone has already stated here, “that’s old news”. I suppose I could predict the failure of Apollo 13 spacecraft but since time travel is ridiculous, I would be blamed for sabotage. I might even decide to tell you about an earthquake in Peru but then people that would have died by chance will now live and vice versa.

All I can think of is to make something up. So here goes…. The space shuttle mission may or may not have a problem connecting the new lab to the space station.

How was that?

Thurstan Davies

February 8, 2001 1:13 pm
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Dear John Titor,

Thank-you for your interesting forum entries.

I am currently living and working in the Middle East and I imagine that I will become one of the 3 Billion that die during WWIII.

I am not asking if I will die or how the Middle East fairs during the conflicts.

I am though interested in the patern of exchange of fire, in that you mentioned US, Russia, China and Europe.

You didn’t mention Austrialia… if this continent survived unscathed or in fact any other land, would this be a better place, in your time, to gather the rescoures you require ?



Jack Stansbury

February 8, 2001 11:40 am
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Everyone that is reading or posting wants to what the future has in store for them and their family and friends. John only can tell us that he is from 2036. Well John give us some good stuff. That’s all we want. We need meat .


Matt Hagemeier

February 8, 2001 10:52 am
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John, Does the U.S still have adversaries or “outside” threats 2036? If so, who, what, and why?

Korea United?

How does the U.S media cover the civil war? Is it unibased or does it favor one side?

Are you creating a alternate timeline by just interacting with us?

James Boley

February 8, 2001 10:01 am
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I don’t believe your story.

John Titor

February 8, 2001 9:40 am
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Russia and China have always had a very strange relationship. Even the news I see now indicates that continued weapons deals to allies, border clashes and overpopulation will lead to hostilities. The West will become very unstable which gives China the confidence to “expand”. I’m assuming you are all aware that China has millions of male soldiers right now that they know will never be able to find wives. The attack on Europe is in response to a unified European army that masses and moves East from Germany. Also, please be aware that from my viewpoint, Russia attacked my enemy who was in the U.S. cities. Yes, the U.S. did counter attack.

Based on what I know about the 5100, it has a few very interesting and worthwhile properties that make it worthwhile for a time traveler to recover. Also, please keep in mind that civilization is recovering from a war. Yes, we do have the technology but many of the tools were lost.

As you are probably aware, UNIX will have a timeout error in 2038 and many of the mainframe systems that ran a large part of the infrastructure were based on very old IBM computer code. The 5100 has the ability to easily translate between the old IBM code, APL, BASIC and (with a few tweaks in 1975) UNIX. This may seem insignificant but the fact that the 5100 is portable means I can easily take it back to 2036. I do expect they will create some sort of emulation system to use in multiple locations.

When I arrived, I approached my father and was easily able to prove to him who I was. I am currently with my parents and the “me” who is three. They are very aware of what I am doing, why I am here and when I will be leaving. It may interest you to know that my father still does not truly believe the machine works even after touching and seeing it. Yes, education is still taught in a classroom but the entire focus and system looks nothing like what you have now. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it.

((I still don’t buy your story. There are inconsistancies that are to large to write off…))

I understand your viewpoint and I respect it. However, I am confused by a twist in the way the language is used. Another fellow who posted earlier was a bit upset over what I was saying because he thought I was soon going to ask for money by selling something. Since I don’t have anything to sell I am curious why, “I…don’t buy your story”, is the natural way to say what you did. I am aware that it’s off the cuff to say but wouldn’t it be better to say I don’t believe your story? Why is the other way so common?

James Boley

February 8, 2001 8:27 am
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I still don’t buy your story. There are inconsistancies that are to large to write off.

Some of the first posts you mentioned that you hoped your story would be at least interesting. It is.

Kathleen Sander

February 7, 2001 1:02 am
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Could your parents tell something seemed familiar about you or have you only seen your 3-year old self? I guess you would have to re-meet your parents and be a friend of the family. Any changes in how children are taught? Education still “taught” in a classroom?

John Lensk

February 6, 2001 3:25 pm
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Dear John,

I am very intrigued by your story, but some things dont make very much sense to me. This IBM 5100 computer you talk of having to go back in time to get is the first thing that does not make sense to me. What does the old 5100 computer do that computers of your time isnt able to do? Im sure the future will have a wide use of emulation technology, inwhich you could easily emulate this old computer and all of its uses. What would the original computer do that an emulated version of it not be able to do?

Matt Hagemeier

February 6, 2001 2:33 pm
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John, the life you desrribe in 2036, sounds very much like life my grandparents described in the WW2 era. interesting indeed.

What was the reason for Russia’s involvement in the civil war? Why did they bomb China and Europe?
Did the U.S counter attack with thier own nucler weapns?

John Titor

February 6, 2001 8:33 am
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We time travel to solve problems. A great deal of effort is going into repairing the environment and infrastructure.

I think there is only one God. I also think that our soul may be a combination of all the collective thoughts and actions of the infinite “yous”. If that is true, it becomes very difficult to define death until all worldlines come to an end.

[(1) Who wins the Triple Crown for the next 20 years?] I don’t know. Even if I did, you could stop the horse(s) anyway and make it untrue.
(2) Who will be elected president for the next 20 years?
Please see number 2.

(3) Will there still be Harley-Davidsons around when you are born?
I was born in 1998.

(4) Please list the price of gold for the last 20 of your years and I can tell you the condition of the stock market in the future.

I don’t understand the importance of this type of information. Please tell me your opnion why this is interesting and worth remembering for 30 years.

(5) Will it still be fairly lawful for me to own and use handguns when are beginning your time travel adventures?

I thought owning a handgun was legal in the United States? Yes, being familiar with firearms (along with the other responsibilities of the Constitution) becomes an important part of people’s lives in thirty years.

(6) Is it possible for you to bump into yourself when you are time travelling? Saw a Jean Claude Van Dam movie about that once. I think it was called “Time Cop”. Whatever you do, don’t shake hands with yourself, if you do meet.

Yes that is possible and there are no limitations on interacting with them. I find it interesting that there is some sort of collective negativity with the idea of doing that. Could it be that we are not really that comfortable with ourselves and therefore we cannot imagine meeting, liking or helping another one of us on another worldline?

(7) I go on vacation in May. Can I go with you on your journys through time? Anybody else want to go along?
I could probably manage three people with me. However, I would have to dump a great deal of archival material to get you in. I’m not sure you would like 2036 very much.