TimeChatter.com explored time travel & equipment, with a focus on HDR & radionics-based time machines. Forums covered devices, theories & debates, making it an important hub for enthusiasts.

TimeChatter.com, founded and run by WildStar, was a website dedicated to exploring the topic of time travel, with a particular focus on time travel systems and equipment. The site's forums were a popular destination for enthusiasts of the hyperdimensional resonator (HDR) and other radionics-based time machines, who shared their experiences with the devices, discussed the latest developments in radionics technology, and debated the merits of different approaches to time travel. In addition to discussions of specific devices, TimeChatter.com also covered a wide range of theoretical concepts related to time travel, such as wormholes, time loops, and the nature of time itself. Through its forums, TimeChatter.com provided a platform for individuals to explore and debate the possibilities and implications of time travel, making it an important hub for the online paranormal community.