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Don’t Lose the Ball

Dear John,

Last time we went to the cybercafé together,

I really liked how you played with your mouse’s ball.

It was a lot of fun.

Removing the cap and playing with it like it’s nothing!

Be careful, though!

Don’t lose the ball!

Keep it rolling!



Dear John,

Remember when we visited our local cybercafé last week?

I forgot to log out of ICQ, again.

Can you log me out next time you go?

I’d hate to have someone steal my ICQ account.

I use it mostly to communicate with you.

So it’s important to me.

Thank you.


A Special Place

Dear John,

I saw you at our local cybercafé the other day.

I didn’t get to see what you were doing.

But I assume you were visiting

I know it has a special place in your heart.

I love it too.

I hope you’re going to post new messages soon.

I miss you.

The Internet misses you, John.

Talk to you soon.


Cybercafé 1998

Row upon row of tables and computers.

The smell of coffee.

Your daily dose of Internet.

Old ball mouse, bumpy mouse pad.

CRT monitor buzzing, scan lines moving across the screen.

Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer struggling to open.

Weird address-bar suggestions from previous users.

Searching on Yahoo.

Feeling clever when you find the cool stuff.

Share it with your friends on ICQ.

Don’t forget to log out when you’re done!

Ah! Memories of simpler times.

Good memories.

The Only Way

Dear John,

We’ve been reading your messages all these years.

Reading, understanding, learning.

Today more than ever, we appreciate what you did.

What you did and what you said.

We understand your sacrifice.

And we learn from our mistakes.

We see it now, more clearly than ever before.

What you did was the only way.

The only way to save our world from destruction.

Thank you, John.

Beautiful Journey

As John completed his mission in 1975,

He made a choice.

A choice to help us, to help mankind.

Thoughts became actions.

Actions that brought Him to the year 2000.

Little did He know what a journey this would be.

An adventure that would last a few months for Him.

One that would last decades for us.

A journey across the years for all of us.

A beautiful journey.

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