We’ll Always Have Paris ()

Stardate: 41697.9 Picard meets an old flame, whose husband has created a haywire dimensional experiment.

The Enterprise, along with other ships in the sector, experience a localized time distortion, and receive a distress call from Dr. Paul Manheim in a nearby system soon after. Captain Picard recalls that Manheim was ejected from the Federation Science Institute for conducting unauthorized experiments. They find the distress signal coming from a facility on a planetoid surrounded by a force field. When they contact the facility, a woman requests help to save her husband, Dr. Manheim and lowers the shields.

The two are brought aboard, and Dr. Crusher tends to Dr. Manheim, who is having convulsions. Picard discovers Manheim’s wife is Jenice, Picard’s former love. Jenice warns that her husband was working privately in his laboratory but that she didn’t know what he was working on. She also alerts the crew to numerous security protocols that he has installed at the facilities. As the crew prepares to send an away team to investigate the laboratory, they experience more time distortions, described by Data as “Manheim effects.” In one instance, Picard, Riker, and Data enter a turbolift only to see their past selves conversing outside the lift. The crew finds that they cannot complete a transport beam to the facility due to the security measures.

Dr. Manheim recovers long enough to explain that he was doing experiments involving time, gravity, and funnels to other universes. He suspects his last experiment ran out of control and that he is trapped between two dimensions. Data determines that the experiment must be shut down during a time fluctuation, or else it will simply escalate. Manheim provides the crew with the correct coordinates to beam down to avoid the security fields. Picard admits to Jenice that he worried about losing her again and vows to correct Dr. Manheim’s experiment.

As he is affected less by the distortions, Data is sent down alone and disables the remaining security measures before entering Manheim’s laboratory. He finds a column of energy emanating from a dimensional matrix, the source of the time distortions. Though briefly affected by the time distortions, Data can add anti-matter to the matrix, causing the matrix to stabilize and halt the time distortions. Dr. Manheim fully recovers, and he and Jenice thank Picard and the crew for their help. Picard and Jenice use the holodeck to recreate one more encounter at a Paris café before returning with her husband to the planet.



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