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John Titor and (TimeTravel_0) are pseudonyms used on the Time Travel Institute and Art Bell's Post-to-Post forums during 2000 and 2001 by a poster claiming to be an American military time traveler from 2036.
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What were the original IPs that made the John Titor posts, and who did they belong to?
Question inspired by this thread on Paranormalis.
When I was working with Mop to transfer ownership of the site from him to me, I asked him this exact question.

Mop told me he checked IP address(es) of the posts when they were being made, and found that they belonged to the Celebration school district. This is all the information he had. Keep in mind that this is the early 2000s, during the days of widespread DSL and dialup, so the "owner" of said IP could have changed very quickly.

As far as when the IP information was lost, it would certainly have been before 2014. The original TTI forums weren't even on this domain, Mop originally had it hosted on another site he owned, (under the subfolder /tti). All of those posts were transferred by hand into the "original" UBB.Threads software during or shortly after the posts.