Greetings, Time Travel Institute community. It's me, your friendly neighborhood Cosmo.

Today I'm thrilled to finally unveil the Chronovisor project, a dream that intertwines technology with a tapestry of memories. It's more than just a technical endeavor; it's a journey back to the beginnings of our shared digital history, a journey that has long fascinated me.

What is the Chronovisor?​

The Chronovisor holds a place close to my heart, taking me back to the days of my formative experiences on the internet. It was a time I spent immersed in the world of Art Bell and Mystery Science Theater 3000, alongside my father. These weren't just moments of entertainment; they were the foundations of my love for the mysterious and the unknown. More than that, they were the experiences that connected me with my dad, nurturing a shared curiosity and a mutual understanding of how our minds work. The Chronovisor is a tribute to that era, a way to honor the sense of wonder my father instilled in me, and a means to preserve the early, uncharted cyberspace that sparked our collective imaginations.

At the core of the Chronovisor project is a mission to rejuvenate the iconic forums and websites that were frequent destinations in my journey growing up alongside the internet; Time Travel Institute was one of them. Sites like,, and many others represented more than just websites; they were the Wild West of creative minds and unconventional thinkers. Here, people who challenged traditional ideas and bravely explored beyond the known realms of knowledge came together.

These communities were rich with varied stories and engrossing discussions. Imagine delving into enigmatic UFO encounters with an esteemed professor or dissecting the complexities of time travel physics with a backyard physicist—that was the essence of these forums. They were thriving places where urban myths took shape and subcultures emerged, each adding their own unique voice to the chorus. In those days, the internet was a canvas of discovery and marvel, with each click an opportunity to venture into truly uncharted territories.

The sites you'll find here nurtured a culture of open-mindedness and wonder, elevating the internet from a fundamental tool into a gateway to the extraordinary. Every site had its own unique ambiance and culture—a rich, immersive mosaic that has left an indelible mark on me and many others. It celebrates the days when, for the first time, you could find yourself deep in philosophical debates about the nature of time one moment and then spiritedly discussing whether Bigfoot could actually be an interdimensional traveler the next.

At Time Travel Institute, our objective is to reignite the enthusiasm and zeal that once made these forums magnetic. The Chronovisor is both an homage to the trailblazers of that digital frontier and an open invitation to a new generation to delve into and celebrate the rich heritage and enduring legacy of these extraordinary online communities.

The Path to Digital Revival​

Navigating the Wayback Machine to unearth these digital gems has always been challenging, with a myriad of broken links and outdated technologies. Earlier attempts at this project were done manually... And that wasn't going to work. However, we've developed a method to bring these memories back to life:
  1. URL Retrieval: Using the Wayback CDX, we collect all known viable URLs for a domain.
  2. Backend Processing: These URLs are meticulously processed through a custom backend.
  3. Content Archiving: Custom scripting begins to crawl through the Wayback Machine, collecting the page title and plaintext content of every page.
  4. Visual Documentation: Additional scripting is run, creating fullpage screenshots and PDFs to ensure a visual record is maintained.
  5. Database Integration: All this information is compiled into a user-friendly, searchable database.
  6. Restoration: On a regular basis, the best and most interesting examples will be curated into our publicly searchable index
The Chronovisor is an immersive platform, allowing exploration by both site and subject. Each entry features the original page as a screenshot, a downloadable PDF for subscribers, the original Wayback iframe, and a sources tab for in-depth exploration. This project is for those passionate about fringe science, paranormal phenomena, and the early days of internet culture, offering a unique glimpse into our shared history.

What's Next​

Much remains to be done! What you see at the time of this writing are the first steps into deploying a much larger vision. Entries will begin trickling in over the coming days, and then the complete backend search functionality should be up in a couple weeks (so you can search EVERYTHING, not just what we've recovered).

The Time Travel Institute has always been a place where every idea and every eccentric theory is welcomed. The Chronovisor embodies this ethos, aiming to preserve not just websites but the memories and connections they symbolize—the kind I share with my dad and the kind that has helped this site endure through time.

Whether you're here for a trip down memory lane, for research, or simply out of curiosity, the Chronovisor has something to offer everyone. Let's rediscover the past, celebrate the present, and dream about the future together.

With warm regards and a touch of nostalgia,