A Catalogue of Catastrophe

Max and Markham defy insurmountable odds, battling a sinister organization altering the past, while Max's personal struggle and the complex dynamics of St Mary's intertwine, raising questions of sanity and promising a gripping continuation of the Chronicles of St Mary's series.

In "A Catalogue of Catastrophe," the thirteenth entry in the Chronicles of St Mary's series by Jody Taylor, Max and Markham find themselves at the precipice of despair. Facing insurmountable odds and a sense of pervasive hopelessness, they take the fight to the enemy, embodying the spirit of attacking when all seems lost. Their target is a sinister organization with roots in the future but a focus on altering the past. Despite their outmatched status, the duo stands defiant, driven by their commitment to preserving the integrity of history.

Max's personal struggle interweaves with this overarching mission as she strives to survive and reunite with Leon and Matthew. St Mary's, the institution they all belong to, proves to be a double-edged sword, offering assistance at times and creating obstacles at others. The organization's actions underscore the complex and often challenging dynamics of the group, adding another layer of tension to Max's already fraught journey.

The narrative takes a chilling turn as Max begins to question her sanity. The constant leaps through the timeline seem to be taking a toll, raising the question of whether she's going mad or if the specters of her past are catching up with her. "A Catalogue of Catastrophe" promises to delve deep into the psyche of the series' beloved protagonist while continuing the gripping saga of time-traveling historians fighting to preserve history as they know it.

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